The Top Ten Television Shows of 2013

Five intense seasons filled with edge -of -your- seat drama came to an end this year for fans of Breaking Bad. We watched as Walter White transformed from sickly, dying cancer patient to badass druglord. More than 10 million households tuned in to watch the finale, which portrayed the heroic fall of our favorite meth kingpin and still left us with a bunch of burning questions. Great writing indeed Vince Gilligan.

Zombies seemed to be the stars of both television shows and films this past year. But no one did the zombie apocalypse better than The Walking Dead. This past season was filled with a bunch of action, from the loss of some our favorite characters who turned, to the return of the Governor, to the tragic and gruesome assassination of Hershel. The mid-season finale, full of a generous amount of blood and carnage, left us cringing and anxious for what's to come in January.

Finally, Ryan Murphy Speaks...

Ryan Murphy, creator of GLEE and FX’s thriller American Horror Story has finally released details of the upcoming third season of his successfully scary television drama, American Horror Story. Fans were eager to hear more about season three after Ryan slipped a hint into an episode of American Horror Story: Asylum by playing “I Put a Spell on You” on the asylum’s record player. Ever since fans have jumped to conclusions about what could be in store for season three. From New Orleans' voodoo practices to the Salem Witch Trials, the fan base was buzzing with what-ifs. Finally we have an answer, season three will be entitled American Horror Story: Coven.

America Loves 'American Horror Story'

Guess America loves them a little scare. FX renews the show that gave them their highest premiere ever.

Ever since its debut, American Horror Story had definitely brought fear back to TV. The show introduces a troubled family that arrives to a new home, blatantly unaware that the house itself has the same issue. The estate is aptly known as the “Murder House” being that many people were violently murdered in the location. Throughout the season, the family is revisited by ghosts and the shows also has flashbacks to some of the gruesome occurrences in the house. It is definitely a show that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seat every week and we love it!

With the creators of Glee and Nip/Tuck behind it all, it isn’t hard to see why the show is a hit. Here is what FX president John Landgraf had to say about the show being renewed for a new season: "It’s one thing to have the ambition and guts to reinvent a genre in a way that makes it captivatingly fresh for a broad audience — it’s something else entirely to have the craft to back that ambition up.”

"Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have hit the trifecta with Nip/Tuck, Glee & now American Horror Story, which will be scaring FX’s viewers to death for many years to come."