Dying to Get Psycho?

Have your secretary make an appointment for April 6th at The Tribeca Underground. Travel back to 1980 and make sure to bring your giant cell phone and don all the right attire. Brought to you by BBQ Films, hosts of pop-up movie nights throughout the city, this epic evening event celebrates Patrick Bateman's 27th birthday. The event is broken down into two screenings of American Psycho and features your favorite tunes from the '80s, including Huey Lewis, Whitney Houston, and Genesis. Join Pierce & Pierce employees for cocktails at the secret club under the Tribeca Grand Hotel and enjoy a special performance by the Silent Drape Runners, a photo booth with your own Robert Palmer girl backup dancer, and more. If you wanna rock out with your chainsaw out, then this is the place to be. Check out all the available ticket options below!

Gawker Completely Annihilates Wall Street Guys

It's been a tough week for Wall Street guys. As if the Occupy Wall Street protests for the last couple months haven't been enough, Gawker dropped three hilarious items this week. One, a letter from an investment banker who went on one date with a woman and proceeded to write her an over-analyzed 1600 word email about how "she led him on" (but should probably go out with him again). Second, a story on Tuesday of another investment banker from JP Morgan Chase, who stalked his mistress all the way to London, feigned her sister's death, fake-fainted in front of her at the airport, claimed to be Israeli intelligence to see her, and perhaps the most bizarre, stole candle sticks from her apartment. (Alrighty, then?)

10 Movies To Get Your Halloween Started

Halloween is here! Surely, most of you have already started your costumed festivities this past weekend - especially since All Hallows Eve unfortunately falls on a Monday this year. We hope at the very least you got to spend one party with us here at Joonbug. Horror movies - and the ones in similar categories - have before been described as the punk rock genre of film-making. Why? It gives moviemakers the chance to go nuts! Here is a list of 10 films to check out this crazy night.

Speidi: Confessions & Regrets

Was there a more annoying couple in reality televison than Heidi & Spencer? After years that consisted of endless faked photoshoots & random "sightings", the hated couple from MTV's The Hills finally puts the mask down and reveals the downsides of their quest for stardom.

Heidi Montag, 24, and husband Spencer Pratt, 27, recently had an interview with The Daily Beast to discuss their..."careers" and what they're currently up to. Surprisingly, the attention-loving duo laid down a pretty genuine and candid conversation about the past few years, including their remorse over some mistakes. Spencer, on the topic of fame & reality television says, "...Everything we were doing, in retrospect, was a mistake. The second we continued on our quest for fame was a mistake...This isn't a business. That was the big thing I didn't get: Reality TV is not a career. Anyone who says, 'Oh, you can have a career in reality' -- that is a lie."

Introducing: 100% Fuck You: Justin Ross Lee

Last week, I finally met Justin Ross Lee at the Murray Hill W Hotel, after several weeks of back-and-forth re-scheduling as I tried to pin down some time with the elusive Facebook persona. It was perhaps the most surreal interview I have conducted to date. While researching to prepare for the interview, my impression of Justin was one of pretension and self-importance, a man who spent his existence whoring himself out for the limelight in any way possible.