Hale & Hearty: Chef Series

Winter in New York can be really brutal, especially with that recent arctic blast that swept across the East Coast and left everyone freezing beneath layers of padded jackets and scarves. On top of that, snowstorm Hercules coated the city streets in heaps of snow, which quickly transformed into dirty brown slush and pools of freezing water. Yuck!

With crazy weather like that, we’re going to need good soups to nurse the cold. Look no further than one of New York’s favorite soup spots — Hale & Hearty! This is the second year that Hale & Hearty is launching its Chef Series, a program where several of the city’s most renowned chefs each create a special soup to be served for a limited time. The company donates 10% of its proceeds to charity.

From SoHo to SoBe

Luckily for Miamians, Chef Andrew Carmellini, Josh Pickard and Luke Ostrom have brought their incredibly successful New York restaurant, The Dutch, to W South Beach Hotel and Residences, located in the heart of South Beach. Fortunately for him, Miami restaurateurs Karim Masri and Nicola Siervo, operators of W South Beach’s Wet and Living Room Bar agreed to join in with a partnership on the operation, a beautiful equation that equaled to one of Miami’s newest and hottest restaurants.

Go New York, Go New York, Go!

We've sampled our share of hotdogs and popcorn at Madison Square Garden. And while we've enjoyed them all, we wouldn't mind it if the traditional fare stepped up its game. And according to a piece that ran in The New York Times yesterday, that's exactly what's about to happen.

The paper reported that MSG is set to roll out brand new gourmet offerings when it reopens this season. Following 20 closed weeks, the mega stadium will welcome back sports fans and concert go-ers with serious foodie options. "Madison Sqaure Garden is about to unveil its new carte du jour as part of its six-year, $850 million refurbishment," says the NYT.

The Dutch is Sexy

To personify a restaurant as “sexy” is slightly confusing. Sure, food is beautiful and feeding someone can be sexy, and we all know that drinking can lead to sexy behavior, but can a restaurant, a building that houses simple tables, chairs and water glasses, be sexy? Absolutely.

Case in point: Andrew Carmellini’s The Dutch.

The newly opened SoHo establishment has been packed since its debut a few weeks ago and it’s easy to understand why--not only is the food well executed and the cocktail list creative, but the space meets a many other “sexy” criterion. Small white candles illuminate across an otherwise dark dining room. Shiny oysters glisten over perfectly crushed ice. Billecart brut is poured effortlessly into tall flutes. With a perfect mix of New York City sophistication and romantic French bistro, The Dutch sets the stage for a sexy evening of sipping and smiling. Date-goers are almost guaranteed a good time based on the ambiance and food alone.

Daily Eats: A Voce

A Voce
Cuisine: Italian
Price Range: Moderate to Expensive

41 Madison Avenue
(at 26th Street)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 545-8555

With the third anniversary of A Voce approaching, chef-owner Andrew Carmellini has plenty to celebrate. A Voce is on many a New-Yorker’s top ten list for its rustic Italian dishes. Chef Carmellini got his experience as a meticulous chef at legendary restaurants Le Cirque, Lespinasse, and Café Boulud, where he served as right-hand man to Daniel Boulud. He turned his refined French sensibilities to crafting simple and delicious Italian dishes as a nod to his ancestry. The atmosphere is open and inviting with floor to ceiling windows looking out at the streetscape. Leather tabletops keep the contemporary décor from being too modern, as does the wood-paneled bar with soft globes of light overhead.