Superman vs. The Hulk: A Fan-Made Trailer

It’s the question that’s plagued us since childhood conversations around the water fountain: “Who would win in a fight?”. Everyone has a hero or two and while it may not make any sense for them to get into a fight, when faced with a friend’s hero, finding out which was the better of the two always involved a fictional face-off. It didn’t matter if it was Bill Nye vs. Beakman or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. the Power Rangers. Figuring out which was best at what they actually did meant figuring out how well they’d hold up in a physical fight. It didn’t make any sense then and it doesn’t now, but the temptation still exists. In fact, the feeling is so prominent that sometimes the source material will cave in or even beat us to the punch.

Scribble Junkies: Festival of Drawn Animation

Sure, we all love Finding Nemo and Despicable Me, but what happened to good old-fashioned cartoons like Beauty and the Beast? Nitehawk Cinema thinks that it's time to put a hold on Pixar's digital animation films. Going old-school, they are bringing you the best in hand drawn animation. August 14th will be the premiere of their Scribble Junkies event and you better not miss it.

Inception in 60 Seconds As Seen by Cut-outs

Wolfgang Matzl is an artist who did a remake of Inception using only paper cut-outs, shot frame-by-frame on his digital camera, for the Done In 60 Seconds competition. The competition was for short films using limited production in Berlin, Germany. He took pains to make the best of what he head with the time frame and created something really cool.

Matzl took the concept of Inception and merged it so well with the style of vintage 19th century cutouts. The dreams within dreams are wonderfully set up and likely took so much time and thought on his part. The voice acting is less stellar, though that’s passable since his actors are not usually classically trained. The illustration and movement are enough to draw the viewer in.

Un Tour de Manège

A wonderful and touching short film is making its rounds across the internet today. Un Tour de Manège, a short piece about the life of a little girl as she grows up, has brought wonder and maybe a tear or two to more than a few people’s eyes. Beautifully animated, each scene seems a cross between a story book illustration and painting. The backdrops are colorful yet soft and the motion is fluid and gentle.

Les Manèges are Nicolas Athané, Pablo Pico, Mai Nguyen, Françoise Losito, Alexis Liddell, Brice Chevillard, are the creative minds behind the film. All students of the Gobelins in France, it is wonderful to see animation students breathe life into a medium that seems to be leaning more and more towards CGI as time passes. Their work is excellent, and new animation will most likely be featured on their Vimeo page.