All Access Pass: TeamMate At Arlene's Grocery & Interview

Breaking up is hard to do, harder still when you've been with that person for ten years. After the split, most people want nothing to do with their exes, usually dreading accidentally running into them and having to strike up awkward conversation. So when we heard that drummer Dani Buncher and singer-keyboardist Scott Simons, better know as TeamMate, used to date but now make such sweet, sweet music together, we just had to know their secret. While the band was in New York City for their show at the famous Arlene's Grocery last week, TeamMate took some time to stop by and talk to us about themselves, their music, and our mutual obsession with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

The Weekly Restoration: Party Edition

What is it about Monday that breeds melancholia? Is it the ponderous distance from Friday, the insipid conflux of responsibility and duty, or the tethering embraces of socialization? Rumor has it that “everything that rises must converge,” therefore, rise we must: above the miasmic, ennui-inducing strands of our proletarian lots! So let us ascend from the ashes of ambition, and combat the stultifying grind of the “everyday” by indulging in a little frivolity.

Day by day we crawl towards salvation—the glorious beacon of freedom and fleeting mercy that is Friday—only to repeat the endless Tantalusian cycle anew by weekend’s end. In order to maintain homeostasis (as well as sanity) we must temper desire with duty, in this finely honed balancing act of existence. In that light, here’s the rundown of the weekly restoratives, guaranteed to revitalize and reinvigorate even the most jaded of souls!

Tips on Throwing a Killer Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Let's face it -- weddings are for parents. Receptions, with their buffet meals and tired DJs, might as well be for grandparents. The real party lies a few days before, as best men and bridesmaids try to show their besties one more wild night before they get hitched.

But as anyone who has ever thrown a stag party (or "hen party," as bachelorettes are called across the pond) knows, debauchery takes planning. No one likes being forced to make decisions late in the evening, and if you're doing it right, no one will be able to. Luckily for the faint of heart, we've assembled some tips for those who dare to go above and beyond for their soon-to-be-newlywed friends.

CMJ Day One Wrap-Up

Millionyoung, Cake Shop, 4:00 p.m.

by Hanna Furey

There has been so much hype about Millionyoung and Sunglasses leading up to CMJ 2010 that when they were scheduled to play at the Cake Shop's early show, you can only imagine what type of tricks people were pulling to get out of work early. Millionyoung took the stage first and seemed completely unfazed by the small crowd. The threesome from Florida exploded into their first song with vibrant energy and enthusiasm, which immediately got those in attendance dancing and enjoying the intimate but lively show. Their catchy drum beats, fuzzy guitars, ethereal vocals and well layered effects made me remember why I love electro-pop so much.

Joonbug Interview: Lou Montesano of Status Green

Hailing from New Jersey, Status Green is a four piece, alternative pop-rock band. They released their most recent album, Cheap Sunglasses back in Feburary and have been blowing up their hometown music scene one show at a time. Known to melt faces with their live performances, the band has taken to the stage all over the tri-state area and are now preparing to take New York City by storm this winter. I recently chatted with band member Lou Montesano who told me about the bands most recent single (available for free download here), their upcoming show opening for The B52's, and what the band will be up to this winter.