Born of Sound

Music is the soundtrack of our lives and for most music can transport us back to our favorite place or a particular time that had a long lasting impression us. Whether the music in question is to remember someone or just your most memorable time with friends there’s something unobtainable about sounds, in general, because we can't see them. A company in California, Born of Sound, allows you to take your most important sound bites and turn them into stunning art work as a way to memorialize important people, places, moments, and sounds in life.

A chat with 'The Street Is In The House' artist Carlos Sampietro

Carlos Sampietro, born in Lake Como, Italy, moved from the advertising industry to the arts. Don't worry about getting bored while looking at his collection, "The Street Is In The House," is truly unique. Sampietro's motto for the exhibit is "There is beauty in something that has been in the street for so long."

Pictured above, is one of Sampietro's police barrier tables. The artist wanted to bring something that is normally scary and used to separate people, and turn it into something that will bring people together. Many of his works use similar elements -- transforming an item from the street into something beautiful and something that makes a statement about society.

New Jersey Zombie Walk

Saturday, October 30 from 11am-11:55pm thousands of Zombies will fill the streets of Asbury Park to shock the living. Hit the ‘ZombieCon’ early for artwork, clothing and merchandise from 35 different vendors. Get the Zombie look from professional makeup artists from 11am- 3pm.

During the walk remain in character. That would mean grunting, groaning, moaning, lurching, and dragging. This Zombie walk is free. Asbury Park could use all the bodies they can get if they are even going to attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records set by Seattle, WA. Can Asbury Park beat 4,200 Zombies? Maybe with your help.

Zombie Walk
1300 Ocean Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ 07712