Do you love vibrant, colorful art infused with flowers, hippie vibes, all with an eclecctic twist? If so, then you have to check out a s p a r t a m e. Hidden deep in the world of Tumblr, lies a page dedicated to debonair works of art that are vivacious yet peaceful at the same time. Joonbug was able to get in touch with the mysterious maven behind aspartame (who prefers to remain anonymous) and get a glimpse of what inspires her artisically.

Do you do custom work?
I do! I’ve done portraits, tattoo designs and various creations. I love playing around with others’ ideas and seeing what I can make out of what they see in their mind.

Do you have any other hobbies besides art?
I enjoy photography, music, as well as talking to plants and sky watching

Overall, how would you describe yourself as an artist? What type of things do you love and what inspires you?