SXSW 2014: Ultra Records Showcase

The award winning label always puts together the best spectacles, and fans of the performers, or simply fans of a good time are encouraged to attend this hot ticket showcase. The event runs from 7:30pm-2am and will be a night full of awesome music and high energy. Click here to hear the Ultra Records SXSW Spotify playlist, and see below for more details about the showcase.

When: Thursday, March 13th. 7:30pm-2am

Where: Haven, 409 Colorado St. ,Austin, Texas

SXSW 2014: The Windish Agency

Following the Day Party, head down the road to the second Windish event of the day, as the agency’s Electronic Showcase takes place at Haven. Beginning at 8pm, the event will feature familiar names such as Lee Bannon, Bixel Boys, and Cashmere Cat, among others. The event runs from 8pm-2am, and tickets are $15 at the door.

RSVPing will not guarantee entry into either event, so arriving early to both events is highly recommended, and note that those with SXSW badges will be given priority entry. For more details for each event, see the event flyers below.

Friday, March 14
8pm - 2am
409 Colorado St
Austin, Texas 78701

SXSW: Amsterdam Dance Event on 3/13
SXSW Interactive Scholarship Opportunity

Between music extravaganzas, film screenings, notable speakers, and an interactive festival focused on technology, SXSW Festival truly brings the world to Austin, Texas. For the 2012 festival, the SXSW Interactive Committee has decided to extend the SXSW Interactive Scholarship to individuals that are dedicated to promoting social change through social media. Winners will receive an Interactive Festival badge for free (valued at $950). Past keynote speakers have included Mark Zuckerberg and hundreds of experts from the global technology industry. The days are filled with daytime speeches along with workshops all focused around societal and philosophical relationships to new technological advances. I’m picturing an atmosphere heavy with intellectual stimulation, similar to that of ‘TED talks’.

Explosions in the Sky's First Video

In an exclusive with, the Austin, Texas group released the first, but certainly not the last, official music video for "Last Known Surroundings", an 8 minute, inspiring celestial journey off their latest LP, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.

The video takes you on an adventure through spacial, geometric plains into the very fabric of a digital universe, down to a world with breathing mountains and valleys, trees and cliffs. It's space, it's earth, it's everything between what has and what possibly will exist. The concept, while dreamt up by the band, was brought to fruition by Ptarmak, a talented design studio based in Austin and "close friends" of the group. And after, "months and months of solid work," the team has finally created a visually stunning masterpiece that falls seamlessly in line with the odysseys that Explosions in the Sky are known for producing.

Austin City Limits Oct. 8-10: Get Your Festie On

Well Joonbuggers, it's that time again, Festie time! This time we are preparing for Austin City Limits. This is one of my favorite festivals of the year, not only because Austin is home, but also because it might be one of the most musically diverse. We are seeing some of our electronic, oldies, Texas country and pop favies this year. Here is what we were looking most forward to.

If you missed our ultimate preparation guide for a festival, please click here to get the scoop on how to get you and your group ready for a weekend of music.

CD Review: the Black Angels

Psychedelic rockers the Black Angels have, up until now, seemed perpetually stuck in the 1960s. Their druggy brand of atmospheric tunes sounded like something you would listen to while religiously following the Grateful Dead around town, whilst on a pretty serious acid trip.

But with the Texas five-piece’s third full-length album, Phosphene Dream, released on September 14, the Angels have cleared up their musical haze; the full effect is less hangover and more groovy rock-out. Released on the revamped blues label Blue Horizon and recorded in Los Angeles, Dream relocates the Angels from their time trap and plants them a little closer to the present. In fact, the band even recently collaborated with Brit trip- hoppers UNKLE for a song on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack called "With You in My Head." You can't get any more current than vampires.

A Meeting Between a Mountain and a Skyscraper: Getting to Know Oh Land

Standing over six feet tall with her fingers wrapped around glowing neon-pink drumsticks; a faded, black, three-sizes-too-big Slayer shirt with rolled up sleeves tucked into acid-washed high-rise jean shorts; and long, shapely, muscular legs stuffed into black and white speckled high-heel boots, Danish electro-pop singer Oh Land floated on stage with her arms spread out like a set of wings, shaking her head back and forth, singing the chorus to her newest single, "Sun of a Gun" at the Littlefield in Brooklyn on Friday, September 17, her simple, blonde hair grazing her cheeks and falling graciously on the tops of her shoulders. "For me it's about the beat," Oh Land said about her music. "The feeling. The physical feeling and the emotional feeling. It's about something hard and something feminine and organic coming together."

Brooklyn Shows From Cantora's Latest and Greatest

"Doing the best they can" since August 2006, Brooklyn band Bear Hands is returning home from a successful stint at SXSW (where they caught the attention of, which states that "we've fallen in love with their choppy but dreamy indie-rock stylings. We particularly like it when, mid-set, bassist Val Loper abandons his guitar to play drums with a maraca. Good work.") to play at Glasslands Gallery tonight with Holy Ghost!. See what the hype is all about and download their single "What A Drag" here and get your tickets for tonight's show (fingers crossed that Loper is feeling the maracas again tonight). Catch them tonight before they head out with Passion Pit for a full US tour. They won't be returning until May 6th for a show at Irving Plaza with As Tall As Lions, so don't miss your chance to see the band that provides, according to RockSounds, "just the right amount of danceable anthems to transform the crowd from an intrigued gathering into an all singing, all shaking disco party."

White Denim and The Brazos Surprise The Troubadour

White Denim and their opening band, The Brazos played on a Tuesday, though from a glance at the sizable audience one might find themselves double-checking their calendar, as the occupancy is more indicative of a typical weekend show at West Hollywood's most favored music venue, The Troubadour.

The Brazos received an enthusiastic welcome and it is immediately understandable why the crowd would gravitate towards them. Though the band hails from Austin, Texas, the members seem to fit the mold, at least on the surface, of the typical Los Angeles hipster. The music pales in comparison to White Denim's energetic and dynamic set, but they are a decent open to the show and manage to get the audience to their feet and moving.