Street Food Cinema: Gourmet Trucks + Outdoor Movies

Although it feels like summer almost everyday in Los Angeles (everyone wants to be us), it's time to really celebrate the excellent weather that SoCal has to offer. Produced by TIL PR Lifestyle Marketing and Events, Street Food Cinema incorporates all facets of LA life. The event put on every Saturday in Exposition Park features outdoor movies, gourmet food trucks and music from up and coming Los Angeles musicians! Dogs, family and friends are welcome and Exposition Park is the perfect venue to host such an event, USC kids tailgate there for godsake. Not to mention the movies will be presented with that perfect Hollywood quality LA folks are accustomed to on a 40 feet wide by 22 feet high screen.

Avatar Sequel In The Works

For all you die hard sci-fi fans--director James Cameron revealed to the public today that he is going to write an Avatar 2 and even an Avatar 3 in early 2011. The second film is supposed to be released in December 2014 and the third will come out the year after.

Cameron even says he wants to film footage for the second movie underwater so that audiences can go deep into Pandora's oceans. Avatar 3 will focus on other planets besides Pandora.

But wait, don't get too excited. You still have more than two years to go until the movie is released!


Leonardo DiCaprio Talks To Rolling Stone

Leonardo DiCaprio sat down with Rolling Stone in a in-depth interview for the magazine’s August issue. The actor, who just stared in the box-office hit, Inception, opens up about growing up in Hollywood, and how Titanic changed his life. Here are a few excerpts…

Leo talks about his younger years:

"I was essentially a dwarf with the biggest mouth in the world. I would talk back to anyone and be up for any fight, and when you tell a kid that's three years older than you to shove it, you're going to get your ass beat…I was a real punk, there's no question about it.”

Unleash Your Inner Avatar Friday at SET

It's not every day that you have the opportunity to paint yourself blue and still get past security at a nightclub, but if that's been your lifelong dream (I know it's been mine) head on over to SET this Friday. The Miami Beach club is hosting "A Night in Pandora," arguably the first ever Avatar themed party.

SET promises to transform their space into "The world of Avatar," and will even feature music by tribal musicians Laurant "Mo'et" Simeca and Chicco "Neytiri" Secci (Apparently everyone gets an Avatar name. I decided mine will be Ringo. Does that not work?)

Despite the fact that they're about 6 months late on the whole Avatar craze, it still seems as if this should be an interesting night. No matter the outcome, you can be assured that it won't leave you feeling blue. (That was awful, apologies.)

James Cameron is a Scientist

The Environmental Protection Agency had a guest at their meeting today that focused on damage control for the BP oil spill. While most of you may think the guest was a scientist, chemist, or something of that nature, most of you would be surprised to find that it was actually director, James Cameron. Cameron joined the team because he was believed to be knowledgeable on underwater filming (Titanic) and remote vehicle technologies. I’m sorry but being an Academy Award winner does not make you certified to save the Gulf of Mexico from the oil leak.

O'neal Mcknight Steps Out for Fashion Week

O'neal Mcknight is no stranger to Joonbug parties. But this Saturday, Mcknight isn't just appearing as a performer - he's also making his debut on Joonbug's designer committee at our Fashion Week Gala event at Capitale. ReWash Jeans, his new denim label with a vintage twist, is reinventing the classics with a modern rock flair. Jessica Gomes, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Angela Martini, and Jaimie Hilfiger have all been spotted sporting the coveted new "jeans of the future," and we're sure that many more are soon to join in. In addition to promoting ReWash Jeans, Mcknight has been busy in the studio recording with Kid Cudi, Mr. Bently, and more! Make sure to check out his hot new tracks "Something Bout Tonight" ft. Mr. Bentley and "Speed of Light" ft. Kid Cudi and Jessica Gomes!

IMAX at the Tropicana Quarter

Atlantic City has tons to offer in the summertime with the beach and boardwalk, fishing, surfing, sailing, and swimming. The winter time, however, leaves the casual visitor with less options, especially if you don't want to be drunk before dinner time. So what do you do?

Right now I would suggest going to the IMAX Theater in the Tropicana Quarter. The Tropicana Quarter, home to 27 retail stores, 8 restaurants, and 5 nightclubs, is considered Atlantic City's one and only Las Vegas style dining and entertainment venue. It has so much to offer that the IMAX is one of the few amenities in the Quarter that most people overlook.

O'Neal McKnight: Round 2

We here at joonbug have a deep appreciation for musicians who play at our parties. If it wasn’t for them, our parties would just be a bunch of people standing around staring at each other like a bad high school reunion. Who wants to party like that?

Nevertheless, we hold a special place on our website for people like O’neal Mcknight. Musician, stylist, and overall great person, O’neal is always ready to bring a positive attitude to everything he puts his mind to. His career is quickly rising to an astronomical level and I was privileged to conduct a follow-up to his Halloween interview to ask him questions about his thoughts on where he’s come from and what to expect for the coming year.