New York Fashion Week 2014 Playlist #2

Our first playlist for New York Fashion Week 2014 consisted of an eclectic mix of jazzy tempos from the likes of Gramatik and pop favorites from Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars. This second playlist features a more sultry collection of sexy female--but not limited to--vocals riding deep alongside euphoric basslines. Runway music oftentimes have the quality of being deeply mysterious, alluring and seductive, which are the key factors that helped shape this playlist. Like fashion, old tunes never go out of style. This mix consists of old and fresh new tracks that will have you bumpin' to your playlist en vogue.

Azealia Banks Drops New Song On New Year's Day

"BBD," which stands for Bad Bitches Do It, has a heavy trap beat along with Azealia's outspoken rhymes. It's not yet confirmed whether the song will be on Azealia's debut album Broke With Expensive Taste, which is due out in February. Listen to the track below to get a feel for what sounds may come on the new album!

Asos and Azealia Banks Video for 'Fierce'

When we got word that the ever fearless and outspoken rapper (and occasional mermaid), Azealia Banks, was teaming up with ASOS along with Ellie Goulding and Charlotte Free for the #BestNightEver collection we were pretty excited. The collection features fun party inspired duds and now we can style stalk Miss Banks since she contributed to the ASOS Daily Edit picking her favorite choices for 'date night,' to 'going out' to 'work' outfits.

Just released is the video for her song "Fierce" where you can catch her donning the fun and festive collection. Watch it below!

Mint Tracks: New Azealia Banks, Animal Collective and more!

Azealia Banks - Jumanji

Prepping for the release of her debut album 1991, Banks released another track this week, laying to rest any doubts of her abilities. With a killer beat by Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook, the track is as fresh as it is familiar. Banks also lays it down, and with authority. The only thing that can make this track any better is the music video.

Icona Pop - I Love It

Hailing from Stockholm, this electro-pop duo has come out with some fun. A lot of fun. With a huge, in your face electro sound and vocals to stomp along with/to, Icona Pop may have come out with a "song of the pre-summer" with this one...

Inside Coachella 2012: The Sets, The Sweat, The Party

Hundreds of LED lit balloons marked the sky as we gazed over what had become our home over the past four days. It was the last show, the final push. We were running on fumes and anticipation after a weekend full of countless standout acts. This was the set we had been waiting for since we were fourteen, sneaking Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg CD’s into our sister’s Walkman to memorize every explicit detail of what would become so monumental so quickly. As we stood amongst the masses in complete disbelief, the entire weekend flashed before our eyes.

Got The Coachella Blues?

Now that Week 2 of Coachella is over, the reality is setting in: the end is here. Put away your camping gear, your laser lights should find their way back into your closet, and for godsake put those weird 'fivefinger' shoes in your attic (unless Coachella is only the start of your festival season). For all of you Junkies who just can't get enough, this is the withdrawal period. Symptoms include and are not limited to:

  • Coachella word vomit: you try to mention your epic weekend in every conversation you have.
  • Coachella Facebook Stalking: when you sit in front of your computer flipping through all your friends (even strangers) Coachella albums.
  • Plain old post-festival depression.