Late-Night New Year's Run Madness in NYC

Oh, it's almost the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving may have filled us to the brim with food and family, and Christmas-time may fill us to the brim with more food and family, as well as the beauty of giving and receiving gifts, but the traditional holidays don't stand a chance against the proverbial "holidaze" anticipated by all music lovers as soon as January 1st hits: New Year's Run. With many of the country's most popular acts playing multi-night runs during the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, culminating in blowout shows to ring in 2014, this is the one time of year where it's difficult to get in every band that would normally be must-sees even if you attend ten events in five days (trust us, some people do). However, we're here to help make at least two smart decisions for you: the Phish afterparties taking place at B.B. King Blues Club during the first two nights of their run, on December 28th and 29th, featuring none other than Dopapod, Kung Fu, and The Heavy Pets.

The Weekly Restoration: Party Edition

What is it about Monday that breeds melancholia? Is it the ponderous distance from Friday, the insipid conflux of responsibility and duty, or the tethering embraces of socialization? Rumor has it that “everything that rises must converge,” therefore, rise we must: above the miasmic, ennui-inducing strands of our proletarian lots! So let us ascend from the ashes of ambition, and combat the stultifying grind of the “everyday” by indulging in a little frivolity.

Day by day we crawl towards salvation—the glorious beacon of freedom and fleeting mercy that is Friday—only to repeat the endless Tantalusian cycle anew by weekend’s end. In order to maintain homeostasis (as well as sanity) we must temper desire with duty, in this finely honed balancing act of existence. In that light, here’s the rundown of the weekly restoratives, guaranteed to revitalize and reinvigorate even the most jaded of souls!

4th of July Events Worth Attending

Victor Calderone: Evolve Independence Day @ Water Taxi Beach Governor’s Island:

Diddy’s Patriotic Independence Day Party – Red White & Blue Gala:

IndepenDANCE Cruise at Paddle Wheel Queen:

Webster Hall Independence Sunday

Taste of Times Square

Experience dishes from Times Square's best restaurants today! The event will take place from 5-8:30pm on West 46th Street between Broadway and 9th Avenue. Over 50 restaurants will be setting up tables to display items off their menus for a taste-testing. Admission is free but tickets are sold for $1 each. Many signature dishes are available to visitors for 1-5 tickets. So as you enjoy classic New York street performers as well as local entertainment gander at these following restaurants as they offer you an international gourmet dish!

For more information regarding tickets and restaurants, go here