Stick It for National Something on a Stick Day


Who knew that Pop Tarts needed any improvement? These itty bitty pop tarts look adorable and delicious; if only we could have some coffee on a stick to pair it with.


Practical yet creative, a munchkin donut on a stick is a sweetooth's dream appetizer.


We'll be taking our gourmet breakfast to go on a stick today!

#5 Burgers on a Stick

Is it just us, or do these make you feel like Alice in Wonderland when she grows too much? We are so down with sliders on a stick!

Weekend Pick: Bacon Fest By Sex On The Table

Bacon Fest, it's a real thing. Six courses of creative culinary concoctions featuring bacon as the main ingredient, all prepared by the expert hands of ChefFed and Chef Sean Chudoba for the private dining pleasure of Sex on the Table Social Club members. This event is the first of the private dining season hosted by ChefFed, but with nothing but bacon-infused and inspired courses on the menu, this year's events have nowhere go but up from here.

Introducing the Perfect Bacon Bowl

It's about time someone did it, and by "it" we mean invent the bacon bowl. When creator Thom Jensen found himself in search of a way to make a serving dish as meaty as possible, he fell short of options. The solution? He created the Perfect Bacon Bowl, a product that allows you to produce a crispy, perfectly cooked version at home. Ellen's Stardust Diner, which will soon be featuring the food item on their menu, invited to try these tasty treats this very morning.

Celebrate the Candy of Meats!

Come celebrate the “candy of meats” on June 23rd in Times Square where bacon-lovers big and small will gather at the Arena Events Space for the first annual Bacon Bash! This bacon-centric event will feature bacon-inspired cocktails, treats, and bacon souvenirs. Food vendors, such as Tommy Lasagna, Lucky 777 Chili Company, Little Town NYC will be serving savory and others will be serving savory bacon treats while sweet bacony goodness will be served by Baconery, Bacon Bites, and more.

Yep: Bacon Reality TV

First bacon conquered our breakfast tables, then ice cream and chocolate bars. Next technology offered bacon a new frontier and the Bacon App came into existence. Obviously, reality television is the next phase of the bacon takeover. Deadline reports that bacon Reality TV is currently in development by LMNO Productions. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. It will be a show completely dedicated to bacon.

Waffles Gone Savory
Some crave pancakes in the morning, while others like to enjoy something a little more savory for breakfast. Often turning to eggs and sausage with a side of home fries, we forget how easy it is to make batter for waffles or pancakes. It is so simple to whip together, it might be worth it to take the extra time to treat yourself to something different. We understand that many of us prefer salty over sweet. That is why, we have a solution for you. Waffles are made from a batter with baking powder and come in various shapes and sizes. They are usually served as a breakfast food and are typically sweet. This time we are leaving out the maple syrup and powdered sugar and adding some meat and vegetables.
Bacon Wrapped iPads

Bacon is pretty popular these days; it is used in chocolate, ice cream, and on every and any sandwich imaginable. Have you ever wondered how bacon is made? Wonder, no more! There’s now an app for that. For $4.99, cheaper than the real thing, you can buy the Better Bacon Book: Make, Cook, and Eat Your Way to Cured Pork Greatness app for your iPad. The application is sleek and minimalistic, easy to navigate, and has a notes and bookmark section.

Spice Up Your Winter With Bacon Hot Sauce

Bacon in our food; it’s not a trend anymore, but a lifestyle. It’s that delicious feeling of deliciousness, that combination of sweet, smoky maple or salty thick cut pork. Both ways, bacon has been added to everything from rice to chocolate, and every time it keeps getting better.

Currently on the market is a product that makes the addition of bacon much easier. Bacon Hot Sauce is a smoky, sweet sauce with a hint of spice that will surely liven up any meal. Its ingredients are easy to pronounce and you can see that the heat comes from New Mexico Chilies. My recommendations on what to add it to are:

Zac Young Knows How to Sweet Talk

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Err…maybe not. But, at least for red carpet regulars, it is a pretty glamorous season. And while most of us won’t necessarily have the opportunity to decide between the Versace and the Valentino, we can still invite our besties over to cheer for the winners and play a few rounds of “guess who bought more Botox?” We're talking about the nominees, obvi!

To bring a bit more flavor to these uber-tasteful soirees, First Course grabbed a seat in the sweet kitchen of Flex Mussels’ Executive Pastry Chef (and former Top Chef: Just Desserts cheftestant) Zac Young. Check out Zac’s suggestions for the ultimate awards season dessert party and why everything is better with bacon.

Happy National Bacon Day!

The almighty Pig not only provides us with the delicious ham hock to throw into our stews; it not only gives us the delicious and silky pork belly; it doesn't offer just pork chops, lechon, pernil, or ham for our sandwiches; the isn't just about sausages, salamis, prosciutto, or jamon iberico. The pig gives us more than that!

The Pig is the King of Bacon - what some refer to as meat candy - and today we celebrate here at Joonbug with this inforgrafic from over at Friends Eat! Check out all the fun facts and share your favorite bacon links in the comments! Happy Bacon Day!