Fresh Off The Press: The Latest NYC Bar Openings

The nightlife class of 2012 is on a rolling admissions sort of basis. Cropping up unexpectedly—akin to those insidious, indestructible dandelions—albeit infinitely more appealing. Turn your head and more appear, alas, 'tis the nature of this gregarious city! Striving to carve out their unique niche in this sea of diversity, these five newbies approach the scene with a medley of quality sauce, delectable chow, and sensual ambiance—all in the hopes of sparkling brightly enough to garner a smidgeon of your time.

Check them out here!

Cafe de la Esquina @ Wythe Diner Opens Today

Brace yourself for today's opening of Cafe de la Esquina, situated at Wythe Diner. This hot spot is no longer just a NoLita haven, so all you Williamsburg hipsters better head to check it out. Loyal Wythe Diner customers need not worry about the upheavel of their favorite joint-- the red barstools and wood paneling will remain intact...with a few added spices like some unique Mexican artwork. As for the menu? This too will remain unchanged, although there will be a few welcome additions, including make your own tacos, and guac and chips (a staple for any Mexican diner). This isn't just your typical diner though folks, an outdoor (beer!) garden is in the works so that you can enjoy your fajitas in the glimmering summer sun (while it lasts). Check out the sweet digs below!

George Street Pub Gives You the Gift of Choice

Opening at 4 pm tonight, walking into the George Street Pub will give you the choice of nearly 50 beers - 16 on tap and 30 bottled - as well as what UrbanDaddy calls "New Orleans-tinged seafood" (like fish and chips, a fried walleye sandwich, and jumbalaya), burgers, and an assortment of fried appetizers. Your taste buds will surely thank you once you mix your meal with the perfect brew, and it's definitely possible with as many choices as there are available. The place isn't huge, but it offers a cozy atmosphere - with high-ish ceilings that help you not feel claustrophobic when the space gets a little crowded. Just in time for baseball season, you can catch the games on one of many televisions or take your food and drink outside to the patio once this brutal winter finally morphs into spring. Cheers!


“sip. taste. drink. discover.” is the simplistic and humble cliff note version of the description of the unique and memorable experience you will have as a guest at Eden South Beach.

Opening soon in a historical building on 23rd and Collins; Eden, a restaurant, bar and lounge with a lush outdoor garden patio is raising the bar on the South Beach dining experience! Award winning celebrity Chef Christopher Lee has created a sumptuous garden-to-plate menu that is literally, garden to plate. The “forbidden” fruits and herbs grown in this restaurant’s own patio garden will be utilized in the very dishes served, as well as in the tempting specialty cocktails.

Holland Bar is back from Hell

There’s some good news for anybody who’s been mourning the closing of the Holland Bar. The longstanding Hell’s Kitchen mainstay was forced to kill the lights and shut down in November, when the building’s landlord decided he could make more money renting the space out residentially. However, much to the joy of the regulars at what has been described by No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain as one of New York City’s “best dives,” it looks like his plans did not work out because the bar is slated to reopen within the next few days.

The New York Times described how, “For decades, the Holland Bar, on Ninth Avenue between 39th and 40th Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, made a name for itself serving cheap beer to loyal drinkers who did not mind squeezing into a tiny crusty room barely wide enough to fit the bar and the stools in front of it.” This type of bar may not appeal to everyone, but it was a place that the regulars cherished and were sad to see go; one of them recently told the owner Gary Kelly that without the Holland Bar, “I feel like a homeless person without a cardboard box.”