Madison Square Eats

Fall is finally descending upon us and of course, New York is filled with diverse and fun occasions to enjoy. One hap you probabaly won't be able to dismiss is the fall series of Madison Square Eats. The food stands will take over the Worth Square Area just west of Madison Square Park (on 24th and 5th Avenue). Grab some toothsome bites from notable restaurants around the city which include Roberta's, Charlito's Cocina, Florish Baking Company, Bar Suzette and many more. The vendors will be serving food daily from 11am-9pm starting this Friday, Sept. 21st and running through Oct. 19th.

Bar Suzette Settles in Chelsea Market

Bar Suzette
Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10011

For a portable snack, or meal on the go, one might first think of pizza. Then maybe a sandwich? Or even an ice cream from a convenient dessert truck. The iconic French crepe seems to be overshadowed in popularity by the former examples. However, at around $10 or less, and with ever-changing fillings and the option of savory or sweet, you might want to spend some time at Bar Suzette.

Located in the culinary paradise of Chelsea Market, Bar Suzette is making some innovative crepes. There is a French onion soup crepe which infuses all the flavors we associate with the soup, right into the onions which are topped with melting Gruyere cheese. There is a pepper steak option with swiss cheese and sweet variations like the Nutella, fresh lemon and honey crepe. There is even a fusion-type crepe that incorporates Thai flavors into its filling. Bar Suzette's crepe is actually slightly thicker than traditional versions, but makes for the perfect "wrapper" in which to keep the fixins' inside. Too thin a crepe could spell disaster for a meal you want to eat with your hands on the go.

More Pizza in Brooklyn!

254 5th Avenue (btwn Carroll and Garfield streets)
Park Slope

Like most restaurants or commodities that gain popularity in this city, keeping up with high demand can jeopardize the quality of the product. Let's hope that is not the case with Michael Ayoub's newest project in Park Slope. With the success of his brick-oven pizza at Fornino in Williamsburg, Ayoub has built a loyal carb-cravin' clientele that swear by the thin crust and fresh, gourmet flavors of his pies. So why not bring a slice of his success to another branch of Brooklyn?

Relax and Dine at Thistle Hill Tavern

There has been mounting anticipation for the new Park Slope restaurant, Thistle Hill Tavern, to open. The unassumingly cute and cozy restaurant comes to us via some well-known names in the culinary world, and beyond. First there are the partners; David Massoni and Rebecca Weitzman. She used to cook at ‘inoteca, while he did the managing there. Before that, Weitzman worked at three of Bobby Flay's restaurants and learned how to go from a line cook to refining and honing her chef's palette. The third partner is somewhat surprising - Michael "Fat Mike" Burkett from NoFX will be an ingredient of this new venture. Cocktail creations are shook up by John Bush, formerly of Niagara in the East Village.