Event Review: Caffè Storico and the New York Historical Society

Caffè Storico, located in the beautiful building of the New York Historical Society (170 Central Park West), opened its doors to us here at Joonbug.com this past Monday, March 3rd, to provide us with a delicious tasting menu of Italian cuisine, as well as exciting information about all of the events which are scheduled to occur this coming year!

Event Preview: Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah Jazz

Come out and support the Philadelphia 76ers this weekend as they go up against the Utah Jazz. The 76ers have been having a bit of a rough year, but that's when the real fans get most spirited. However the game shakes out, it's always fun to be around the rowdy Philly fans and the Wells Fargo Center is one of the nicest stadiums in the game, with a great variety of concessions and a good view from any seat. Come share the roller coaster ride of emotions with a full stadium of Philly fans while they're still home. Tickets are as cheap as $12.50 right now, so get them soon!

When: Saturday, March 8th, 7:30pm

Where: Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S Broad St., Philadelphia, PA

Barclays Center Opens The 40/40 Club with a Bang

Last night, Jay-Z hosted the Grand Opening for his new 40/40 Club at The Barclays Center. Joining him at the event were big name celebs and a handful of gifted athletes. Rihanna, J Cole, and Questlove were in attendance, as well as a handful of players from the Brooklyn Nets. The new dad was all smiles at the event, excited to bring some happiness to Brooklyn.

Those who have awaited the highly anticipated arena will be more than satisfied with the results. The 40/40 Club looks out into the massive arena, giving bar goers another venue to watch the game from. The club is covered with flat screen TVs, with dining tables, swanky seats, and a giant bar right in the center of it all. It is sure to be packed on game nights. Check out photos of the new hot spot and the famous faces that showed up last night!

NYC Eateries are 'Lin-ing'

By now everyone has heard of the Knicks’ new star player, Jeremy Lin, and if you haven’t, he may pop up at your favorite eatery very soon in the form of a special. Lin has revived the Knicks fan base with his ever growing popularity by both his story and skill. Now New York City restaurants have joined in the support of their hometown team and their new favorite point guard by dedicating dishes and other menu items to Lin.

City-wide Linsanity has taken hold, at Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack grab a Lintastic take on the classic mint chocolate chip cookie, the Jeremy Lin-mint Shake for $5.75. As the promotional sign clearly states, the shake “is Lin it to win it.”

Is Texas Ready for A Kardashian?

Khloe is truly down for Lamar!

Yesterday, Lamar Odom, who previously played for the Los Angeles Lakers, was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Originally, Odom was supposed to play for the New Orleans Hornets, but plans changed at the last minute. But no fear Khloe is makin' the trip y'all!

Khloe expressed her sadness about the trade on Twitter, but overall seemed excited about moving to Texas.

Although Odom hasn't publically commented about the Mavericks trade, he did seem a bit upset when he called into a local ESPN radio station after first hearing rumors of a trade. Odom said "If it does happen, you know what I'm saying, I had a great time. I got to play in front of (rabid Lakers fan Jack Nicholson), meet Denzel (Washington). I found my wife in L.A., my family. The team, I had a lot of pride playing for them."

Spotted: Lebron lays low at LIV

Lebron James was spotted at Club LIV over the weekend after giving Miami Heat fans a scare several days prior as he limped off the court during an exhibition game. Lebron figured he needed some time to "heal" so what better place to do that than illustrious Club LIV!

Spotted with a few friends, Lebron allegedly ordered three bottles of Wódka Vodka and two bottles of Dom Pérignon, prepared to party -- wouldn't you say?

In addition to an appearance by Lebron, Jenny McCarthy was also in the building, just two tables over from Lebron's.