Ultra Music Festival Weekend 1 Recap

To explain what it’s like to attend Ultra Music Festival isn’t quite that easy. Sure, those who can’t grasp exactly what “EDM” is just don’t get it. To love house music along with it’s accompanying sub genres, is truly a sort of cult our generation has embraced. Over the course of 3 days, Weekend 1 welcomed well over 50,000 people. In retrospect, that’s a tiny portion of the music lovers around the world. But to us? Nope. It felt as if it was the only type of music surrounding us in our own little heaven.

Will Ultra Music Festival Weekend Two Happen?
Ultra Music Festival celebrates 15 years

The talk has stirred and stirred and finally, Ultra Music Festival has revealed it's big announcment. Miami's biggest electronic dance music festival will expand to two weekends for 2013 at Bayfront Park. The dates are March 15th-17th and March 22nd-24th.

We saw Coachella expand to two weekends, and now UMF 2013 will make a mark in the dance music history books as the first electronic music festival to do so. UMF will be celebrating 15 years of bringing the EDM masses to Miami over two weekends filled with groundbreaking, rising, and all star DJ acts. Don't wait till the last minute and get your early bird tickets as they go on sale Wednesday, Oct. 17.

Watch the UMF 2012 recap video below to gear up for the festivites bound to go down this March:

Kanye West, Lou Reed to Headline UR1 in Miami

When early December descends upon us, yes we remember that the holidays are just around the corner, but music and art lovers alike have their own little holiday to anticipate: Miami Art Basel. In 2011, there was a record attendance of 50,000 (up from 40,000 just one year earlier) so it's clear that the annual exhibition is flourishing. The roster of music fueled events that hit Miami each year are adding up and it's no surprise that a new music festival is in the works to correspond with Art Basel. Alex Omes and Emi Guerra of GO BIG Productions are adding yet another musical force to their agenda with the introduction of the first annual UR1 Music Festival in Miami.

UR1 will take place on December 8 and 9, in Bayfront Park, Downtown Miami.

Incubus Plays New Music In Miami

The night's forecast was awesomeness with a chance of stage fog and scattered showers.

Bathed in blue and red light, Young The Giant started the show with an energetic performance, to say the least. Lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia appeared to be having seizures in between fits of banging his tambourine on one of his drummer's cymbals. Their set seemed to be in-sync with the weather as it started raining in the midst of their track "St. Walker," featuring lyrics like "If there is water, you’ll drown/ Drown down in it." If you like The Killers, Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand, you'll favor this indie rock band from Irvine, California. Check out their self-titled debut album on

9 Mile Music Festival Keeps The Love Going in Miami
'New' Bob Marley Festival to take place this weekend

Every year, reggae artists are put together to celebrate the life of icon Bob Marley in a festival on Miami's Bayfront Park. This year, the Bob Marley Festival is now the "9 Mile Music Festival".

Why the change in name after 18 years as en emblem in the Miami music scene? The answer is not exactly known, but it all points to the power wanting to give the festival itself a second wind, for, albeit, non-reggae acts have performed at the festival before, but this year seems to be even more eclectic.

You have Major Lazer, Thievery Corporation and even the Sublime-esque Slightly Stoopid performing which, combined with the all-timey-great-roots-reggae-music of the likes of Stephen, Damian, Julian and Ky-Mani Marley should make for a fun-time out this Saturday, March 12th at Bayfront Park. You do not have to have dreadlocks to attend.

For more information, check out

Bayfront Park Immersed in Good Vibes

Rounding the back ramparts of Bayfront park - the concrete speckled with people decked out in red, yellow, and green - I watched a cop saunter through the crowd. I caught up to him. “Sir,” I said, “I just saw you walking, and it seems you’re just as immersed in the laid back mentality as everybody else.” Under different circumstances - a time and place void of reggae vibes - this may have been considered a boldly spontaneous suggestion. Nevertheless, the time was night and the place was right. The amphitheatre was resonating with a syncopated Jamaican pulse like a seashell echoing the coast, the crashing ocean. I continued with the police officer: "If you don’t mind my asking, is there any reason whatsoever for you to be concerned about security on a night like this?”