Disclosure Announces Their 'Wild Life' Series

Since their debut, Disclosure has shown very innovative and creative takes on all aspects of their career, including their music and image. They took it upon their Facebook page to announce their latest venture, their 'Wild Life' series, which they describe as, "a series of very special shows, that we will play at.. along with friends, DJ's and artists that we admire most within music. It's something we will be taking all over the world, doing both one-off unique shows and events, whilst also bringing it to some of our favourite established festivals and clubs."



SuperChief Gallery

Über-hip Brooklyn art gallery SuperChief presents: CREEPERS!, a collection of overly vulgar "gross-out art" from some of America's most cutting edge artists tonight from 6 - 9 p.m. Holding the title as the first and only artist to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity for artwork in the US, cartoonist Mike Diana joins Spencer Sweeney (a co-owner of the downtown cool club Santo's Party House), Danny McDonald, Aric Shunneson, and many more. As the group exhibition describes it: "Like stumbling upon a dildo in your mom's underwear drawer or dad’s Barely Legal collection, it’s an eye opener. Treat yourself to something horrible."