Around Town, The Republican Challenge

Meat Packing

It's a Thursday. I’m trying to get off the couch because it's already been a long week. Then, the incentive to get motivated comes in the form of a text message from Jessica White. Sport Illustrated models always get me motivated. She’s in town, bored and wants to hangout. My response? I’m in! She’s staying at the Standard Hotel. I offer to pick her up because I haven’t been there yet and I’m curious. The hotel lobby is small and there is a cute little bar that services the lobby. I’m sure there’s more to come. Mean while, Ms. White has me waiting 20 minutes. Jeez… I love it!

It's been a long time.

Well, it's been some time. I have sat down to write so often but my mind has been a log jam of activity. I know I promised details of Fashion Week in New York but it was such a hectic time. I’ll leave what I wrote then. It's enough.

Green Star

The best thing that happened during New York Fashion Week was that I was able to put two friends together on a green initiative. Charles Roberts has an amazing concept; market forces that drive companies to become more environmentally friendly. The idea is to rate a company's carbon footprint and allow consumers to choose amongst the competing brands. Each brand is rated with a green star, which represents how environmentally friendly they are - five stars being the best and no stars meaning they are basically egregous polluters.


Relatively popular nightclub Bijoux, which is popular with aspiring Europhiles, has seen better times. Nestled underneath restaurant Merkato 55 (which has also been sucking – minus their Sat. morning brunch party), Bijoux has been closed three nights a week, and rumors have mentioned that it may even be up for sale. It seems that the promise of the Meat-Packing district may be up in smoke, although maybe the new Lotus can resuscitate it.

But what did you expect from a club that is hidden behind a two-way tined panel of glass with a bouncer that will never let you in, a custom carved ceiling and a nude depiction of the owner's wife for decor? Ok, according the MartiniBoys, Jay-Z and Ben Affleck have been there once or twice. But now that they’re no longer a couple, what’s left to cherish?

Maybe someone will buy the place and make it not for assholes who demand that clubs are secret, exclusive, and completely self-inflated. And honestly, it just looks like a frat basement.

The Gatekeepers

Want to know how to get into Manhattan’s most exclusive clubs? The NY Post’s Page Six Magazine interviewed some of the city’s most notorious doormen in hopes of figuring out what makes them lift the velvet rope.

At Goldbar, Johhny Lennon says he is offered sex on a nightly basis and recounts a specific incident with a ‘well-endowed’ patron: “I had a girl [last week] say, 'Don't you like these?' while pointing at her breasts.” Lennon’s door is rumored to be the tightest in town and the presence of only 12 tables inside (two of which must be saved for celebrities every night) doesn’t help loosen the reigns. However, Lennon adds his own personal touch to the club’s mix, allowing skateboarding hipsters in along with the A-list crowd and sometimes giving a break to dudes who want to impress their dates.