Extra! Extra!: Berlin's Zine Library On Wheels

On her blog, The Lesen Lounge, Berliner by-way-of Canada Leah Buckareff defines a zine as "an independently produced publication. Most often they are self or hand-made books that vary in content, but usually house the creators' personal thoughts, ideas, or artwork both in text and images."

An avid artist and musician, Buckareff has set out to draw a greater awareness of zine publication from the Berlin community. She will ride out through parks every weekend on her "Lesen Lounge," a bike with a brightly painted zine library attached.

Start a new cycle this year

F$@* the Tour de France, give me Ocean Avenue and better yet give me this bike!

I just found out about Republic Bike's new Plato and Aristotle customized bikes. Now granted, I know nothing about fixed gears and dutch bikes, but Republic Bikes allows you not only to choose between the two styles but they also givesyou the ability to paint the sucker any color you want! Now wouldn't you consider this an ultimate accessory? Now listen. For those of you who made those resolutions to get fit this year, I want you to keep them. And this one, coming in at the hefty price of $400, better be one resolution you keep. Unless, you're the type who just likes having pretty, colorful things to look at.

A Girl's Right to Options

These days a girl likes options. Whether you’re in need of something more compact or something more durable and able to hold your essentials, there is a growing array of choices available. And as the wise man once said, “Switching your purse up each day keeps the boredom away.”