Sunday 2014 Review: Skeleton Twins

Playing two dispirited siblings, former SNL stars, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, breathe depth and life to serious roles as they use their comedic talents to navigate the gray waters of depression. Skeleton Twins opens with a shot of the despondent sister and brother, who have been living across country from each other for ten years, attempting suicide in their bathrooms. After brother Milo, a slight masochist and struggling LA actor, fails at his attempt, he comes to live with his sister, Maggie, a dental assistant living in the same small New York town where she grew up in. Maggie’s husband, Lance (Luke Wilson), a good, respectable guy, is ready to start a family; Maggie, however, is less than fulfilled with the relationship. What unfolds on the screen is a belated bonding of the two who, both complex by nature, begin to understand each other as they explore their similarities and venture on similar interests. Along the way, we are able to enjoy much belly laughter as the pair lip sync to the classic '80s Starship record "Mannequin" and when they take nitrous oxide in the dentist office. Eventually, however, trouble arises as resentment that has been building up over the past decade unfolds. Prepare for that which you could never be too prepared for: the unknown pastures of life.

Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm co-host party for Emmy losers

While Emmy winners were busy celebrating last night, so were the Emmy losers. Thanks to Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm, those who did not win were also able to enjoy their night and forget about their loss.

Poehler and Hamm were co-hosts of the Emmy’s loser party held at Soho House in West Hollywood. Nominees who failed to win an Emmy were able to get into the party for free. Emmy winners who wanted to enter the party had to make a $1000 donation to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. According to E! Online, more than $30,000 was raised by both Emmy winners and losers. Celebrities who donated money received a personally engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue.

Saturday Night Live adds six new members to its cast

Saturday Night Live has announced that six new cast members will be joining the show for its upcoming 39th season. The new cast members will help fill the void left by Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen, who all left the show after the end of last season. Let’s get to know the newest faces of the show.

Beck Bennett: Although he has appeared on Comedy Central with his sketch group Good Neighbor, Bennett is probably most known for the AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” commercials that are currently airing on TV.

Comedy Central's James Franco Roast Just In Time For The Jewish New Year

Monday night, September 2 was the James Franco Roast on Comedy Central. Roast Master was none other than Seth Rogen, Franco’s long-time friend. Monday night’s lineup consisted of comedians: Nick Kroll, Jonah Hill, Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader, Natasha Leggero, Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari, and Jeff Ross. A plethora of jokes ensued about Franco’s seemingly blazed Oscar Hosting, sexuality, and project choices, Hill’s weight, and the amount of Jew-dom on stage. Below are 10 of the best jokes from the night to ring in the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah:

Seth Rogen: "Look at me doing all the talking while you sit there and do nothing. I feel like I'm co-hosting the Oscars with you."

Festive Fall: Theater Edition

Gotham Burlesque Coney Island Spectacular: Coney Island is invading Manhattan's Upper West Side October 6th at 10pm at The Triad. There will be twelve amazing acts from NYC's best burlesque and variety performers, including Bambi the Mermaid, The Great Fredini, Ekaterina, The Great Throwdini, Miss Harvest Moon, Scott Baker, Tigger, Justina Flash, and more! Shelly Watson will host this sultry extravaganza featuring song, dance, tricks, and plenty of treats. Tickets range from $37-$49 and can be purchased here.

The New Pornographers - 'Moves' (Video)

The New Pornographers most recent video, for their single "Moves" off of their album, Together, features appearances by Ted Leo, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Horatio Sanz, a bunch of the Daily Show cast, and more. The silly music video tells the story of the "The New Pornographers" and their rise and rise to glory!

The video is pretty darn good...the music, too.

James Franco Gives A Glimpse Behind The Scenes At SNL

As a big fan of Saturday Night Live, I've always wished they'd show the process of how each episode is created, or how they decide which sketches would make the air and which get the ax. Thanks to James Franco, we finally will get a glimpse into the madness of a weeks work at SNL.

The documentary Saturday Night, which debuted at this years Tribeca Film Festival, started out as one of Franco's student projects for NYU's Tisch program - a seven-minute short about cast member Bill Hader.

There's always been an interest to film the making of an episode, Franco explained how there've been other attempts to capture the chaos, "Lorne told me that D.A. Pennebaker actually asked once to do a documentary, back in the '70s, and he said no. So I was very fortunate he said yes."