New Year’s Eve Survival Guide

It’s the biggest party of the year, always a night to remember and one that you plan for months in advance – New Year’s Eve. But beyond deciding what dress to don and who to plant that coveted kiss on at midnight there are a lot of little details that should be paid to attention to help you help you avoid a potentially disastrous NYE. Here are our NYE Survival Guide tips:

  1. Book a car service! -Avoid crazy long waits for cabs and splurge on a convenient car service to chauffer you and your crew around town all night long.
  2. Indulge in a nice pre-party dinner – Nothing ruins a night of partying like getting tipsy way too quick. Prep your tolerance with a nice meal before the heavy champagne consumption kicks off. Which leads us to….
  3. Don't Dress Down - Tonight's the night for ladies to whip out the sparkly dresses and for gents to suit up. Dress to impress.
  4. Make no resolutions until tomorrow - A lot of people regard tonight as the final deadline for New Year's resolutions. Don't be cajoled into making any hasty announcements about quitting smoking, being more socially committed, or taking celibacy vows especially if it's just for the sake of joining in. Last-minute resolutions are often impractical.
  5. DO Choose the right event! is your one-stop-shop for THE hottest parties across NYC for New Year’s Eve.

Happy NYE Partying!

Drink for Sandy Relief

A month-later and many of us are still reeling from Hurricane Sandy after-math. And you can expect for relief and fundraising efforts to continue well into the New Year. The food and drinks community is one that has really come together to raise funds and show support for at-loss communities such as Red Hook, downtown NYC and East Village’s, Alphabet City.

Tonight, drink for relief at these 2 stellar, sipping friendly, charitable events.


Taking place at Chelsea haunt, The Tippler, donate just $10 and enjoy not only cocktails by a slew of boozy sponsors including Beefeater Gin, Appleton Estate Rum, Ilegal Mezcal and White Pike Whisky but also delight in live performances by Diane Birch, Maverick and Ice and a live auction by comedian, Brian McCarthy. Cocktails are an additional $10 and nibbles are also available for $10. The party is from 6 p.m. to midnight. And, 100% of the proceeds benefit NYC victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The Top 5 NYE Parties in Downtown NYC

Five-weeks -- snag your New Year's Eve party tickets. Four-weeks -- book a car service to chauffer you and your crew around town. Three-weeks – ladies, buy your hot party dresses and gents, rent a dapper tux. Two-weeks – make pre-party plans. And, at the one-week countdown, get excited because in seven-days you’ll be ringing in 2013 in the best city in the USA – NYC.

Seeking the hottest spot to settle into on NYE that’ll surely meet all of your party needs, wants and dreams? All week, we’re serving up the best parties happening across the city starting with 5 HOT FETES in DOWNTOWN NYC:

SFs First Water Taxi

Say ahoy to Tideline Water Taxi, the city by the bay's first water taxi service taking passengers to docks in SF, Marin and a couple of points in between. Sale from pier to pier and harbor to harbor versus riding along the curvy, narrow, rollercoaster streets of SF with cranky cab drivers.

Operating at small scale now, the convenient cab on the water has plans to bring a fleet of bigger, custom boats from Maine in just a few months. And, come America’s Cup time, they’ll offer mega-yacht transfers.

The company also offers ride share programs. Connect with your neighbors, share your fare, and cut down your carbon foot print. For guests participating in the Ride Share Club, they will be offering a discounted base fare and 12 dollars for each additional person in their party.

And, just like land cabs in SF, you can call and reserve a Tideline Water Taxi too: 415.339.0196.

For more information visit:

Where to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC

Feel like trading in your home-cooked feast for a night of turkey filled fine dining? If so, hit these restaurants serving up traditional and twisted takes on T-day dinner:

Keepin’ It Classic: Jo’s Nolita

This Nolita gem is serving up turkey and all the fixins with a Eurasian twist. This three-course menu kicks off with your choice of Spiced Butternut Squash Soup or Quinoa Salad followed by Shrimp Sambal Tumis or Sake Poached Asian Pear Salad. For the main course opt for Herb Roasted Turkey aside sautéed brussel sprouts, sweet potato puree, pan roasted herb stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce or a veg friendly entrée of mushroom risotto. And, for dessert dive into a traditional pumpkin pie. Jo's is serving up their feast from 2 - 8 p.m.

Bill is Back

Well, sort of. Any NY bar aficionado knew Bill’s Gay Nineties. We loved the midtown watering hole and one-time speakeasy that was actually in existence for a full 88-year stretch. Sadly, last year when the lease was cut, we thought we bid adieu for forever, but fortunately Bill’s is back with a brand new, updated interior, amped up food menu and its classic simple and straightforward appeal.

This go-round Bill’s will be called just that. The bar is new but with an antique feel and keeping its former croquet mallet, golf club and vintage team photo décor. Also still left is the infamous downstairs bar piano, old school entrance phone booth and silver-dollar “Bill’s” sign in the floor tiles.

Do Good While Drinking & Getting Arty

And, the beat goes on…The destruction and heartache in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is still strongly evident and this week, bars and restaurants continue to toss events and corral the community together in effort to support Sandy relief. In the next few days, art, drink and mingle for the cause at these do-gooder happenings:

Monday, November 19th

Tonight, from 6-9 p.m., Foley Gallery presents #SANDY, a Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts featuring iPhone photographs by renowned contemporary photographers. Photographs will be on sale for $50!
And, 100% of the revenue will be donated to Occupy Sandy and Alison Thompson's Rockaway Relief center run by Third Wave.

Seasonal Sips
An Unapologetic Leak

Rihanna's latest guest on her new album,'Unapologetic' was leaked today and you guessed it, it's none other than Chris Brown. The song pre-maturely hit the web like wild fire and let's just say, it's pretty great and quite infectious. And of course it’s about how much they love each other and how that’s “Nobody's Business.”

And, they’re right; it is nobody's business but their own. Oh, and the millions of people that will hear this song. It’s their business too.

Listen to the pop hop tune here:

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Groove to the Move

Los Angeles based Producer/DJ, Myndset is making some serious noise in the electronic dance music scene. His sound, a mix of electro and progressive, is best described as heavy hitting yet melodic. His eclectic remix roster includes the likes of Avicii, Deadmau5, Drake, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's, Foster the People, Gotye, Nervo, Skrillex and The Knocks. Myndset will be headlining Lilium this Friday with support from Chad Stark.