Christina Aguilera Shows off Her "Voice" Impressions

Contestants on the hit reality series “The Voice” may have to battle it out with each other for the winner’s prize, but it’s clear that, despite being on separate teams, judge Christina Aguilera has grown close to her fellow musician judges Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and Blake Shelton. During an interview with Queen Latifah, Christina was asked to do an impression off her “Voice” costars. Not only did Christina agree to do the impressions but she also did them quite well.

During her interview, Christina revealed what she thinks about her three costars personalities. She spoke in a friendly manner about how she feels that Adam has a lot of rushed energy, while Blake is more slowed down and relaxed. When it came to Green, Christina said “Cee-Lo is great. Cee-Lo speaks in like poetic rhyme. He is so sultry.” Christina also revealed that doing impressions of each other is something all her costars sometimes do. According to Christina, after working with each other for five seasons, you do get to know each other pretty well and doing impressions of each other just becomes a must.

The Voice's Chevonne

If you're a die hard fan of NBC's Season 3 of "The Voice," you most likely remember Chevonne, the rocking soul scream machine. We watched as the quirky underdog made her way through three rounds when she finally got judges Cee Lo and Blake Shelton to turn during her blind audition when she sang "Brass In Pocket" by The Pretenders.

Being on Team Cee Lo, she easily impressed both Cee Lo and his team advisor, Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas as she nailed rehearsals for her battle round with Avery Wilson on the David Guetta ft. Sia song "Titanium." Although Chevonne didn't win the battle against her teammate, she was highly praised for her soaring high notes and bold stage moves. Her time wasn't over though when judge Christina Aguilera saved Chevonne with the new "coach steal" feature, applauding Chevonne for her flamboyant and exciting performance vibe.