Four Ways To Rock Fall Florals

Florals work just about....everywhere. A trend that blooms brightest in spring and summer is about to make shockwaves for the Fall 2013 season. Whether it's head-to-toe or just a touch, you'll be sure to spark some attention with fabulous floral accents! Check out our four picks on how to transition your floral wear from summer to fall.

1. A floral blazer is perfect to add a dash of color to a solid colored outfit. LC's outfit here is one of the many ways this blazer could work. Paired with black leather jeans and a classic white top and voilà! A stylish and simple way to rock a fun trend! You can get the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls blazer here.

5 Easy Steps to go From Daytime Drab to Nighttime Fab

Every girl-on-the-go is pinched for time at some point or another, and every now and then, she may lack the inspiration to make a quick turnaround from the daytime look to one she can wear out on the town. Well have no fear busy beauties, Joonbug is here! We have come up with 5 great tips that can help you to create the perfect day-to-night look without having to stop at home or pack a duffle on your way to work.

Tip 1: Let’s start with shoes- Slip into a pair of your fave heels!

There is no better way to turn a day look into nighttime style than by ditching the flats and pumping it up (literally!) For those who don’t want to endure the “torture” of the 5-inch stiletto, we have the perfect solution to the misconception that beauty=pain. Check out the Cole Haan collection by Maria Sharpova. With concealed NIKE AIR technology leather, lined leather mid-sole, and stacked heel rubber sole, these babies add comfort to style (also available at Macy’s and Nordstrom). Once that’s taken care of, throw on a pair of your favorite skinny jeans and you’re good to go. We know, not all are fans of the skinny jeans, and if this speaks to you, try a trendy wedge sandal with your simple skirt or dress. It is the perfect variation of high-heels that is comfortable and sure to add flair to your look.

Blazers: Splurge vs. Steal

There’s nothing like a sexy blazer to complete your fall look. Pair with slacks and you’re ready for the office! Or wear one over your favorite party dress for a stylish (yet cozy) night out on the town. Sometimes splurging on a high-end piece seems well worth the extra bucks (minus the shopper's remorse), so if you love fashion as much as we do (translation: you’re constantly restocking your wardrobe), owning a variety of designer blazers can get a bit pricey. Below, you’ll find five of our favorite designer jackets and next to them their affordable (alternative) siblings.

Swagger-Jacking The Boys

"What are boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails!" Then why do we want to be like them so bad, girls? Technically, we don't. But we do like, maybe even love, to dress like them. Boxy smoking jackets, loose trousers, and wingtips were all over women's fall runways, also spawning one of the season's biggest trends: the tuxedo look. But menswear inspired womenswear has become so much more than a seasonal delight. It may even transcend existing as a trend to living on as a life style for some women in mainstream culture. Who knows? What we do know are the prime pieces you will need to swagger-jack from the boys to pull off your menswear inspired look.

Summer Clothes You Can Keep Wearing for Fall

Why pack away the summer clothes? Picture them as your new accessory for this Fall.

Here are a few items to keep in mind if you have them, wear it! If not, go pick up these essential must-haves for this season.

Flare Jeans- If you've got 'em, wear 'em. Flare jeans are back in action! And celebs are making them look better than ever. Check out a pair from

Rapper Eve Spotted In South Beach

Philly based rapper Eve was seen partying over the weekend on South Beach's Washington Ave. Eve was spotted leaving Cameo nightclub after hosting Saturday night. Sporting only a blazer and bikini top, her short "cameo" at Cameo gave fans just what they needed, until Eve hits us with another long overdue album.

Dress Like the Boys

The ratio of the amount of clothes men own to the amount women own can get a bit ridiculous- just peek in your brother, father, boyfriend, husband, or friend’s closet and you’ll see. Theirs is a small corner of neatly arranged (well, in theory) shirts, slacks, jackets and shorts with a few pairs of shoes thrown in. While, I will agree, this is not nearly as exciting as a closet full of sky high heels, gold lame trench coats, and cocktail dresses that really fit only a handful of occasions, the simplicity of a man’s closet is something we can learn from.

Men and women alike tend to wear certain wardrobe staples over and over again- we just tend to have more of these staples and have more options to update them from outfit to outfit. Having these three basics- essentials, rather- that a. fit well, and b. are of high enough quality they can last through several seasons, will make getting dressed in the morning as easy as 1-2-3.