Oprah Makes Pharrell Williams Cry

"Happy" continues to be a global hit. It currently holds the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Pharrell's interview with Oprah premiered on OWN last Sunday but check your local listings if you want catch the full interview.

#NationalSiblingDay: Top Ten Celebrity Siblings

Today is National Siblings Day , and if you were lucky enough to have a built-in-best-friend growing up, you're in good company! Take a look at these celebs being cute and loving, then send your brother/sister some real life love!

*The Hemsworth Brothers*

You recognize Liam as the baby-faced brunette Gale from The Hunger Games, and Chris as the bearded lightning tempered Thor, but it would be a crime to forget about Luke, who is a TV actor in the boys’ home country of Australia.

Justin Bieber to Possibly Reach Plea Deal in DUI Case

Justin Bieber may be catching a break in his Miami DUI case by getting a plea deal. After being arrested in January, the singer was charged with a DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license.

TMZ is reporting that Bieber’s lawyers are working out a plea deal that would have him pleading no contest to reckless driving and having all three other charges dropped.

Although prosecutors are no longer seeking to have the singer submit to random drug testing Bieber may still get one year of probation.

The plea deal could be “finalized in days” according to TMZ.

Lady Gaga's Career in GIF Form

The 2009 VMAs Performance: Lady Gaga ended her first major televised performance hanging from the ceiling with blood splattered across her chest. And of course the question on everyone's mind was, where does she go from here?

The Dress of Many Kermits: One of her first true controversies, people seriously offended that the singer turned the felt star into so much scrap. Also, supposedly she was making a point about fur or something?

The Sparkler Bra: Debuting in her Bad Romance music video, the sparkler bra was both clever and outrageous -- Madonna's cone bra turned up to 11.

Celebrate National Cleavage Day!

It’s National Cleavage Day, and we at are nothing if not festive! Let’s face it, cleavage is awesome and should be appreciated, regardless of gender.

If you’ve got those beautiful bosoms, let them breathe a little! Here are some celebrities that celebrate their cleavage all year round:


Though some might describe Kate Upton’s bodacious cleavage as “out-of-control," she’s been showing it off in magazines since 2011. Much to our delight, she continues to bring her cleavage around for cameras everywhere.

Zac Efron Attacked in Los Angeles

Zac Efron and his bodyguard were driving on Sunday night when they ran out of gas in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. While waiting for a tow truck, they threw a bottle out of the car window that smashed on to pavement which sparked a fight with a group of homeless people who thought the bottle was being thrown at them.

While Efron, his bodyguard and the group of homeless people were fighting, Efron was punched in the mouth. Although the police were called to the scene, nobody was arrested. According to TMZ, Efron was “obviously intoxicated” during the incident.

The Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls Are Possibly Teaming Up for a Possible World Tour

In an effort to bring about world peace and happiness, Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys told the U.K. newspaper, The Sun, “We are actually in early talks about maybe doing a world tour together with the Spice Girls.” Following this act, angels sung, mankind rejoiced, and eternal bliss descended upon the earth.

Okay well maybe not entirely, but close enough.

During the late 90s, these two pop mega-groups took the world by storm with their catchy tunes, charismatic smiles, and killer dance moves, selling out arenas around the world within a moment’s notice. For those who grew up during the era they were more than just pop-stars, they were pop Gods; offering pearls of wisdom with their music and fashion choices. So to hear that they may be teaming up for a world-wide tour is not only the best news since ever, it is life changing.

Until this is confirmed, we will keep our fingers, toes, and arms crossed. This is to say, hurry up and make our wish come true Brian, because this is a rather uncomfortable position.

Paul Walker's Mom Seeks Guardianship of His Daughter

Paul Walker’s mother, Cheryl Ann Walker, has filed a petition seeking guardianship of his 15-year-old daughter Meadow. The papers that were filed seeking guardianship state, “parental custody would be detrimental to the minor.”

As part of the guardianship, Walker wants to protect her granddaughter because she is set to inherit $16 million from the late actor and because she thinks her mother is an unfit parent. The petition states, “The mother has a drinking problem. Petitioner will act as the guardian of the person and estate of the minor.”

A hearing for the matter has been set for April 30. The late actor died in a car crash on November 30 in Santa Clarita, California.

Fashion Designer Lwren Scott Found Dead

Major fashion designer, Lwren Scott, was found dead early Monday morning in her New York apartment. Scott's body was discovered by her assistant hanging from a scarf on a doorknob around 10am this morning. The girlfriend to rock legend Mick Jagger texted her assistant this morning at 8:30 am to swing by the apartment.

According to police officials, there is no suspicion of foul play, despite an absent suicide note. However, the Medical Examiner's office will determine the final cause of death.

L'wren Scott began her career as a model. After graduating high school from her home state of Utah, she moved to Paris to pursue her fashion endeavors. In 2001, she met rocker Mick Jagger. Scott worked as a costume designers for film productions like Eyes Wide Shut, Ocean's Thirteen, and Shine a Light. In 2006, Scott launched her own fashion line and has dressed some of Hollywood's leading ladies, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama.

Lady Gaga Puked on During SXSW Performance

Although Lady Gaga has put on some pretty shocking performances before, her latest one at SXSW is just gross. While performing her song “Swine” on the Doritos #BoldStage on March 13th, vomit painter Millie Brown stuck her finger down her throat and threw up a slimy green substance on the singer.

Even though the singer was wearing a white apron, she took it off after she was puked on and performed the rest of her show. Her show also included her being wheeled on-stage hog tied to a roasting spit.