Extra! Extra!: Berlin's Zine Library On Wheels

On her blog, The Lesen Lounge, Berliner by-way-of Canada Leah Buckareff defines a zine as "an independently produced publication. Most often they are self or hand-made books that vary in content, but usually house the creators' personal thoughts, ideas, or artwork both in text and images."

An avid artist and musician, Buckareff has set out to draw a greater awareness of zine publication from the Berlin community. She will ride out through parks every weekend on her "Lesen Lounge," a bike with a brightly painted zine library attached.

From One Charity Blog to Another: Exclusive Interview with the founder of 'Make Charity Cool'

We here at Joonbug strive to show our readers all of the cool happenings in major cities across the U.S. We write about fashion, food, music, celebrities, and yes-- charity.

Charity is cool, because reaching out to help others should be viewed as a positive activity, not a chore or burden. Moreover, there are tons of organizations and individuals who come up with brilliant ideas that intertwine creativity and charity. And there is a blog that highlights just how cool charity truly is-a blog close to Charity Social's heart.

Your Guide to Personal Style- Harper's Bazaar Style!

It's amazing what you can find as you take a stroll through Barnes & Noble on your day off. An amazing read to come across is Harper's Bazaar Fashion- Your Guide to Personal Style. The guide is reported by the lovely Lisa Armstrong, who is The Times fashion editor -so she knows her stuff! Reading through this and studying all of the pictures, you may begin to feel envious in a way that may even make you question if you've got style at all. If you're feeling a little lackluster in the fashion department, this guide is a must-buy! Until you can go out and get your own copy, here are a few key points in the book.

A Heart a Day

Local artist Thomas Fuchs has created a fantastic blog for the love-stricken set. As one of New York's most creative freelance illustrations, most creative freelance illustrators, he approached the theme with a very keen eye. A Heart a Day is a blog that delivers on exactly what the title promises. Fuchs illustrates one image pertaining to the heart per day, only taking a break for the weekend.

His work is often humorous, sometimes frightening, and always creative. Fuchs finds the heart in everything and incorporates it in the most amusing ways. He has even peppered the project with a few .gifs of animation that are really charming and smile-worthy.

Chet Settin': What Happened Over The Weekend

Good morning my Miami Joonbugs. I hope the late spring warmth is greeting you as you wake up. I have so many stories to tell you from this weekend, I just don't know where to start. So, as you may have heard, Joonbug and Fashion Indie hosted PROM Class of 2010 this past Saturday night at Espace in Midtown Manhattan. It was lovely to see everyone reminisce about their own high school proms, and I was surprised to see the guest's take on "adult" prom outfits. There were some best dressed, and as my column is not meant to attack or antagonize (we'll leave that to our Almost Famous writers), I will digress and leave out the worst dressed. I have highlights so I can keep you in the loop about what's going on over here in The Big Apple.

"Radio Soulwax" As Heard On The Internet

As avid followers of Joonbug’s Frequency blog, I’m sure you are all aware of the genre blending prowess of the genre obliterating, dance punk, mash-up artists of Soulwax, a.k.a. 2manyDJs, a.k.a. the Flying Dewaele Brothers, a.k.a. whatever name they happen to be calling themselves on any particular day. (Don’t worry. Just click on this hyperlink to read our profile article so that you can catch up with the rest of us. We can wait…) Then you undoubtedly went straight to your preferred music store, be it real or virtual, and picked up a copy of one of their expertly crafted compilation albums overflowing with every fathomable form of musical creativity from Dolly Parton to Jesus Christ Superstar and everything in between, right?

Thom Yorke Crashes U.N. Climate Conference

On Thursday afternoon, the United Nations Climate Change Conference was privy to an unexpected (and in some circles, unwelcome) guest as Radiohead’s Thom Yorke mysteriously acquired a press pass to attend the final two days of the weeklong conference. As representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were unfairly thrown out, Yorke managed to sit-in on the remaining discussions, including one conducted by members of the U.S. government, alongside fellow environmentalist Tony Juniper.