Brunch Cocktails at Trattoria Il Mulino

Most interesting among his re-workings is the Bloody Margarita. Employing Candolini Grappa in lieu of vodka, The Bloody Margarita is spicy and almost sauce-thick with pureed San Marzano tomatoes. Ronkainen is especially proud of the garnish--tart, house-pickled grapes--as he well should be. The surprising flavors and textures of the drink as a whole work well to echo the food's Central Italian tastes.

In all, the Cocktails at Trattoria Il Mulino’s brunch are more than just a pleasant addition to the menu. We’d argue that they’re reason enough to merit a trip on their own.

Brunch is served at Trattoria Il Mulino (36 E 20th St) on Sundays, from 11:30 to 4.

Holiday Bloody Mary

Bloody mary concentrate makers, Stu Waters and Rudi Schmidt, share a Christmas twist on this traditional brunch cocktail.

Bloody Merry


To be served over ice in a pint glass – garnish with rosemary sprig because it looks like a pine tree!

Drinking To Your Health

Drinking. Ah, drinking. All day. All night. You know what it does to you; how it makes you feel and act, however different from the recap your friends give. Conversations are better, and food is absolutely better. Health conscious drinkers may end the night with a series of drunken crunches, but why not take note of what you’re putting into your body instead of trying to make up for it with 3 or 4 lousy minutes of a painfully sobering workout?

Gizmodo’s certified nutritionist Maren Robinson took a look at the best and worse drinks for your health, while keeping in mind that any amount of alcohol consumption will have more or less the same effect on your night.

Bless Their Hearts: Southern Hospitality Introduces Boozy Brunch

You’re diggin’ your own grave if you're not in-the-know about Justin Timberlakes famed BBQ. That down-home, finger lickin' good restaurant Southern Hospitality BBQ will be launching their “Boozy Bluegrass Brunch” this Sunday, June 24th. And you can’t have a boozy brunch without, well, booze. SH BBQ is offering a drink special on their Bellini and Bloody Marys at just $11.95 for unlimited drinks. Yes, that's $11.95 for all you can drink!

Singer and actor Justin Timberlake created this southern themed restaurant, with friends Eytan Sugarman and Trace Ayala, with the idea of recreating the philosophy of southern hospitality right here in New York City. The goal: to be inviting, to be friendly and to serve food so good you’d swear you were in some small town in North Carolina, as opposed to the big city.

Lush Brunch: 5 All-You-Can-Drink Spots You'll Love

The best way to avoid a hangover is simply to drink earlier in the day. You’ll get a great buzz going and can be sober before bedtime. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in New York City where you can have your brunch and drink too! A trip to any of these places will provide not only higher spirits, but a bit of a cultural experience as well.

Enjoy eggs benedict topped with a jalapeno hollandaise sauce with your choice of unlimited Sangria, Mimosa and Bloody Marys at this tapas spot on Hudson Street in Manhattan. At $25 you can pair you unlimited indulgence with anything on the menu.

The Genuine Brunch
The Bozo's Guide to Curing a Hangover

You couldn't help it. LMFAO's 'Shots' came on and all of a sudden your inner frat boy got out of control. You started downing Jagermeister like you were 21 and sleeping on a futon again. Total bozo rookie move. Luckily you have great friends who dragged you out of there before you bid adieu to that delicious steak (what a waste!) all over the poor girl you were attempting to "dance" with. Now everyone is LMFAOing at what an ass you've made of yourself.

We don't really feel sorry for you. Really, we don't. We can, however, tell you how to reverse your bad judgement in a few easy steps. The key is to realize your mistake and reverse the damage as soon as possible. In case you aren't aware, two big culprits of a hangover are 1. dehydration 2. feigning.

Make Your Own Bloody Mary

This weekend, The Redeye is starting a new DIY dining option, Make Your Own Bloody Mary, that will be offered at 11:30 am on Saturdays and 12:00pm on Sundays. You won't enjoy a boozy drink as much as if you put your own blood, sweat, and celery stick into it! Once you begin the dining option, you will receive a mini carafe of homemade tomato juice for two garnished with Old Bay Seasoning on the rim and a celery stick, two glasses of Ketel One Vodka, two jumbo shrimp, and everything in-between.

'Paranormal Activity 3' Teaser Trailer is Out...

Apparently, third time's the charm in the Paranormal Activity movies. Think back, children of the mid '80s to early '90s. Remember this?

...At least that's what would usually happen every single time I'd attempt to play "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom. Surely, most of you are at least familiar with the myth/game. You say the name three times in the dark and you could potentially be haunted/stabbed/murdered by the crazy lady in the mirror. Those are what consisted many of our childhood days. Good times, good times...the world was a bit more awesome: there was less reality television and more of this thing called playing outside.

How Sweet It Is

Agua Dulce has been the dependable work horse in my neighborhood. It has provided the answer to that infinitely frustrating question "where should we go to eat?" so many times that their menu is merely a formality at this point. The bloody mary is so good that brunch is very often followed by a nap of epic proportions and the food is always delicious regardless of what time of day it might be.

My last visit happened to fall during dinner hours and, as usual, my appetizer was a cocktail. Despite the unrelenting cold the blackberry mojito was a temptation I couldn't resist and so I dared not try. It was perfect. The blackberry rounded out the tart acidity of the lime perfectly while reinforcing the freshness of the mint. I proceeded with the more solid items on the menu and had yucca gnocchi with peas and chorizo with the addition of an $8 lobster supplement. The lobster was cooked perfectly but ultimately unnecessary as it couldn't stand up to the chorizo. The texture of the gnocchi was light and soft and exactly what you'd expect, but the flavor was unmistakably yucca and equally delicious. The only thing that could have made the dish any better was maybe a side of crispy not too thick or thin, salty french fries. Fortunately enough Agua Dulce had them in ready supply and I enjoyed them with a piquant aji panca aioli.