NYC Speakeasies: Get Your Prohibition On

Boardwalk Empire is coming back on September 8th (to the excitement of many fans). In honor of the 4th Season of the antics of Nucky Thompson and Company, we felt like it was time to highlight the best of the time-warped, Speakeasy-inspired bars in New York. Just because Prohibition is over doesn't mean you can't live like a 1920's outlaw at one of these retro joints.

Club 21, 21 W 57th St

8 Stuyvesant St., 2nd Floor

48 W 17th St.

324 W 46th St.

Hollywood liked Facebook...

The Hollywood Hilton held yesterday the Annual 68th Golden Globe Awards' ceremony hosted by an oafish Ricky Gervais.

The biggest winner of the night was "The Social Network" with not less than 4 Awards: Best Movie, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Score. The other big winners were "The Kids are All Right", "Glee", and "Boardwalk Empire", all of which won best in their categories. Natalie Portman won Best Actress for her incredible performance as a disturbed dancer in Black Swan and Colin Firth won Best Actor for "The King's Speech."

Next step, the Oscars...

You Drink That Liquor Capone

Alphonse Gabriel, "Al" Capone, is not like any other man. The Italian-American gangster once led a Prohibition- era crime organization and used his gun often as a fear tactic. He dedicated his life to smuggling and bootlegging liquor.

The first episode of Boardwalk Empire showed a chubby and short nice guy talking to another character. After a civil conversation the man introduced himself, 'I'm Al Capone.' Can you imagine if he was just a big teddy bear at heart that just liked killing people on occasion? Doubtful. But he probably was awful jolly because of getting to drink that booze all the time.

Bourbon, Beer, and Rock

So Marc is the rock guy, having worked in the music industry for years before making the move to hops therapist. “The Rev” is definitely the beer guy as he is able to tell a personal anecdote about each hand-selected beer on the menu. And Rob is the bourbon. If these guys were characters in an action movie, Rob would be the one that carries the giant knife, but in reality he’s the guy that seems most comfortable behind the bar. (He drank Jack and Cokes for years until one fateful night a bartender at Tramps gave him a crown and ginger instead, basically fueling his quest for new exciting spirits to drink.)

Star-Studded Boardwalk Empire Premiere

Many A-list actors made there way to the HBO premiere event for Boardwalk Empire Wednesday night in New York. The Ziegfeld Theater packed in such stars like Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, James Gandolfini, Entourage's Mark Wahlberg and Adrian Grenier, Mick Jagger and Sean Combs.

Boardwalk Empire is getting huge buzz for its chronicles on the life of Nucky Thompson, played by Buscemi.The politician and gangster leader of Atlantic City in 1920 lives in the time 'when alcohol was outlawed and outlaws became kings.' Those who have missed the HBO series The Sopranos since it went off air will be sure to take notice of this new show that is produced and occasionally directed by the great Martin Scorsese.

The series begins Sunday, Sept. 19. Get ready for some unruly consequences for those who don't watch.