Interview: Rachel Brown

If you're looking for some tunes to warm up to, look no further; Rachel Brown is here to turn up the heat, and make you move! The NYC-based songstress pairs her crystal-clear vocals with her band’s eclectic mix of exotic instruments like the talking drum, kora, and calabash, making jams that will have you feeling the beat in no time. Joonbug got the opportunity to chat with the chirpy Harvard grad about her sound, growing up in NYC, and more...

Interview: Viv and the Revival
Viv and The Revival have been rockin' and rolling for the past couple of years. Four EP's, numerous commercials, television shows, and touring (their next show is this coming Sunday, December 8th in NJ,) all in addition to the studio time spent recording their debut full-length album, The Introduction, collectively have kept this band on the fast track with no signs of slowing down. The album, produced by Rick Friedrich (also responsible for records by The Roots, Rihanna and Kanye West), is set to be released on February 18th, and Joonbug has got the scoop:

What's the story behind your name?

Behind the Beats with MC Yogi

MC Yogi is a talented up and coming MC who will be dropping his sophomore album, Pilgrimage, June 19th. Yogi is not only an MC, but also a yoga instructor in California. He has a great past - he dropped out of high school and became a graffiti artist, and then became a student of Hindu philosophy, a yoga teacher, and of course, a noted MC. The first single off his album is titled "Give Love" and it already has over 200,000 views on YouTube. He will also be headlining at this summer's Wanderlust Festival. Check out his biggest inspirations and his back story below!

10 Lost Legends Due for a Hologram Resurrection

With the eerily realistic resurrection of Tupac via hologram at Coachella this past weekend, we couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to see more of our favorite lost legends come back to life. What we'd pay to see them in the flesh (kinda) once more! This is an open letter to the Hologram Gods, here's a list of icons you need to get to work on next. Chop chop.

10. Kurt Cobain/Nirvana

VIDEO-- Nneka Live in NYC

Creative Control incorporated the talented Nneka into their spoken word and poetry series "WORD" by documenting her live performance last month. Okayafrica, okayplayer's new cultural guide to the freshest music of the new African renaissance, invited Nneka to the stage at SOB's in New York City where she gave a live and unplugged performance.

The Rastaman’s Diet

For decades, the Rasta have been stereotyped as people with dreadlocks who just smoke all day. But in fact the Rastafarian, or Rastafari, movement is a religious one whose followers all have different looks and strive to live a natural and peaceful life. The movement started in Jamaica but now has followers all over the world.

Just like other religions, the Rastafarian also has food restrictions or guidelines. Of course they’re not as strict as other religions since most Rastafarians practice it outside of any congregation and it’s based upon your own conscience. But the basis of their dietary habits is trying to only eat raw and natural food, or ital. By eating only natural ital foods, the Rasta maintain a “clean” diet. The Rasta want to only exist on what Jah, or God, provides.

9 Mile Music Festival Keeps The Love Going in Miami
'New' Bob Marley Festival to take place this weekend

Every year, reggae artists are put together to celebrate the life of icon Bob Marley in a festival on Miami's Bayfront Park. This year, the Bob Marley Festival is now the "9 Mile Music Festival".

Why the change in name after 18 years as en emblem in the Miami music scene? The answer is not exactly known, but it all points to the power wanting to give the festival itself a second wind, for, albeit, non-reggae acts have performed at the festival before, but this year seems to be even more eclectic.

You have Major Lazer, Thievery Corporation and even the Sublime-esque Slightly Stoopid performing which, combined with the all-timey-great-roots-reggae-music of the likes of Stephen, Damian, Julian and Ky-Mani Marley should make for a fun-time out this Saturday, March 12th at Bayfront Park. You do not have to have dreadlocks to attend.

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Rollingstone Magazine : the Playlist Issue

I've always wondered what famous artists do listen at home, or while driving their Escalade. You probably know that a lot of people who work on TV don't actually watch it at home. I was also curious to see if my favorite artists shared my tastes. I was astonished to see that Chris Martin from Coldplay could actually be able to listen some good sh!t (hate Coldplay).

You have here fifty different artists ready to share their Top 10 songs on one theme they care about. Wanna know what MGTM's 10 best psychedelic songs are ? Are you curious to see what king of blues does Mick Jagger listen at home ? I find that pretty entertaining.

Rastafarian: Trend or Dread?