5 Kick A$$ BB Creams

Beauty Balm Creams have always maintained their fair popularity to those that have great skin but most use as their primer or just their foundation and a refresher. Today, BB Creams are created for just about any skin type but for the incoming warmer months, less foundation and more beauty balm is ideal.

Applying any foundation and makeup in general in a hot room with no AC or fan running can probably ruin a gal's day but these quick non-messy BB creams can be applied with just our hands! We look finished and touched up, it's simply awesome. We all know the awesomeness of BB Creams but most out there in some drugs stores or your fave makeup seller carry BB Creams with SPF in them, even better, almost perfect!

Megan Draper Has Mad Style

Mad Men is back with a new season to start our week off just right! With it, comes the incredible ensembles that costume designer, Janie Bryant compiles --keeping our fashion addiction at an ultimate high! The high studded neck, butterfly sleeves, and cat eye makeup sported by Megan Draper (played by Jessica Paré) on the season 5 premiere was the hit of the episode. As she sang her own rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou," her glamour and style hypnotizing fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Want the look of this beautiful broad? We have a few tips to help you create your own Megan Draper rendition while still staying current and stylish!

How to Perfect the "No Makeup" Look

We all wish we had that perfect skin, naturally long, curled eyelashes, and no need for lip color or eye shadow. Most of us, however, haven’t been blessed with these genes and thus, we are forced to use what the heavens gave us and fake the rest. Perfecting the natural, “no makeup” look is definitely a must for the spring and summer months upon us and an easy look to achieve. Follow these steps to get that effortless, natural beauty while still using makeup and you will look and feel bright and fresh for spring!

1) Even out your skin tone and moisturize-

Five Great Charities You May Not Know About

If you want to donate to charity, but don’t know of any worthy causes to give to, check out this list of five unique, highly-rated New York City charities and programs and find out more about their efforts.

NY CLASS is an animal welfare group focusing on ending the inhumane horse carriage practices in New York City. They are sponsoring an upcoming benefit on February 24, the Mardi Gras Masquerade for NY CLASS.

Since 1970, Harlem Chidren’s Zone has helped provide education, build community programs, and provide social services for children and their families over a 100-block area in New York City.

Eye Equipment: A Crash Course in Eye Makeup Brushes

As we stroll the isles of Sephora or the local drugstore for a set of face brushes, one can often wonder what they are used for and how to use them. More specifically, eye brushes are usually misunderstood and used incorrectly. Here is a brief how to and which brushes you need.

Brush #1: The Brow Brush: A stiff, short cut bristled brush cut an angle for the perfect styled eyebrow arch. It's also used for applying some slight "fill-in" color to your brows, giving you a defined look.

Brush #2: The Eye Blender Brush: A semi-long bristled, soft, fluffy brush. Ideal and designed for the perfect application of eye shadow without the crease because of the stupendous blending this brush achieves. You can use this for applying some correcting powder around the eyes also.

Holiday Makeup Palettes We Love

Perfect for home, travel, or any girl on the go these palettes are conveniently packed with a huge beauty punch and fit right in your sparkly clutch. From bold to classic, funky to glam, find your personal party-ready look with these super-chic kits—whatever your ideal beauty style may be this season.

Bold: Dior Holiday Deluxe Palette

“Inspired by the classic grey tweeds and iconic bow detailing in Dior's couture collections of the past and present, the deluxe travel palette holds all the travel essentials for eyes, face and lips to create a festive holiday look in an elegant tweed case.” It’s the solution to all of your holiday beauty hang-ups! Perfect for taking your look from day to night after work and even better for compact traveling. The palette is equipped with multi-toned Diorskin Nude Sculpting Powder; Crème de Rose Lip Balm to plump and smooth lips; and a mini Diorshow Iconic Mascara. There are also color sets for two different but equally bold looks: for sultry, smoky eyes, “a dark aubergine eyeliner, a medium plum eyeshadow, and a petal pink lip gloss;” for bold, look-at-me lips, “a taupe and pale pink eyeshadow pair with a rich, universal red lipstick.” Mix and match for day appropriate look, then glam it up with the bolder colors for night. J’adore Dior!

Dior Deluxe Holiday Palette, $77; available at Dior counters nationwide

Five Shine-Fighting Foundations for Flawless Skin

After some experimenting and hard researching, we've come up with the products that will make your skin feel silky smooth and won't melt off your face in 100 degree weather.

These foundations will easily battle the heat + oily skin in one shot. Here are our favorites!

1. BareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation

Our personal favorite. Buff your way to flawless skin that lasts all day. Plus it's got SPF! Great for combination skin.

-Go to for more details on the foundation and to make your purchase.

'Almost Bare' by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown’s newest collection, Almost Bare, certainly holds true to her famous beliefs on how makeup should be. Small and sweet, the collection is complete with glosses, bronzing powder, and a perfume. As the title would suggest, each piece is formulated to create the perfect sun-kissed look for summer.

Bobbi Brown’s original claim to fame was a line of ten natural-looking lipsticks, which quickly sold out almost as soon as they arrived at Bergdorf Goodman back in 1991. While staying true to her original goal, Bobbi Brown’s new High Shimmer Lip Gloss retains the natural look that her customers love, but also adds an ultra shiny finish that will keep the lips looking full throughout the day. The new High Shimmer Lip Gloss is available in Pink Tulle, Citrus, and Bellini, and it is Bobbi Brown’s highest shine gloss throughout her career.

If A Goddess Wore Makeup

Sheila Hansen is the founder of If A Goddess Wore Makeup, a multi-line collection of eco-friendly makeup and skincare lines. She has worked with Laura Mercier, Chanel, and YSL, and was even personally trained by Bobbi Brown! Now, Sheila is using her industry experience to expand the knowledge of the beauty and benefits of eco-friendly makeup.

ML: How did you first become interested in eco-friendly makeup?

SH: Well, I was a makeup artist for 25 years. I would freelance for big events, and get a lot of free products, but I would always get allergic reactions to department store makeup. While working for Laura Mercier, I received free eye cream. I had always had sensitive eyes, but all of a sudden my eyes became swollen, and I had a rash for 2-3 days. At the same time, I was taking a nutrition class about eating for beauty. It talked about healthy skin care, which I never thought about before, even though I always did yoga and bought organic food. I decided to try chemical-free makeup, and it worked. I decided to be an eco-friendly makeup artist. Now, I carry 5 skincare lines and 5 makeup lines, which are all organic, natural, chemical-free, green products. Before me, women had to go to whole foods for natural makeup, but who would help them there?

Sunsationally Flawless Makeup

Protecting your face from harmful UV rays is just as important as picture perfect makeup. Your face often gets neglected when it comes to sunscreen application, but the intense rays of the Miami sun are not to be ignored! UV rays reach some of the highest rates in the nation in Miami, but you're in luck because we've got some products and tips that will give you the perfect look while protecting your skin from harmful sun exposure.

Often times, sunscreen products are oily, abrasive, odorous, greasy, caky, or thick. Reasons like this lead women to avoid the use of sunscreen products on their face. While no one wants to walk around looking like a frosted cup-cake or a glazed donut, there are ways to protect your skin without the mess.