The CAT's Meow

The hottest name at the Sundance Film festival 2014 is an unexpected one: CAT Footwear!

The Cat Footwear Gifting Lounge at TR Suites was busy with celebs getting fashion fitted.

Twilight's Kellan Lutz headed straight from the slopes to the suites with his brother.who he had outfitted so he could wear something other than his ski boots!

Kate Hudson also stopped by the lounge and checked out the footwear but she explained how she was trying to minimize her closets! (we should get on that too...)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is in full force ! But don't give up your sense of style so you don't slip and slide down your drive with our top picks in snow boots (also don't sacrifice your not broken bones by putting a fashionable foot forward in heels....)

Remember when buying snow boots to pick something that is comfortable , easy to wear (neutrals go with everything!) and preferably lined to keep your toes nice and warm !

Although, you really only need to wear your boots for one season - think of them as an investment! Nothing is worse than freezing snow leaking into the hole in your boots. (The worst is when the sole cracks... puddle on the path is an ocean inside your boot!)

Album Review: Beyoncé - Beyoncé

Unlike her previous project, 4, which took many influences from vintage soundscapes, Beyoncé took a bold step forward to ‘reclaim’ her crown, enlisting Drake, hubby Jay Z, Frank Ocean, and even daughter Blue Ivy, for what is arguably her most ambitious album to date. The 14-track album is about as shocking as its release, dripping with sensuality, substance, and swagger.

This album in one word is, edgy. Many of the records on ‘Beyoncé’ are dipped in Houston’s trademark hip-hop sound, and in adding B’s powerhouse vocals, which sound better-than-ever (if that’s even possible), to the soundscape, the records ooze a swagger that solidifies B’s spot at the top of Pop.

The New It Boot

Even on the iciest, windiest, snowiest, bone-achingly coldest winter mornings, I'll be motivated to go outside because it means pulling on my bright orange knee-high sheepskin rubber MoovBoots. They're a prettier, more fun and less pretentious lovechild of Hunter boots and UGGs.

Vulcanized rubber is low maintenance and keeps your feet dry so you can stride confidently through the ickiest of slush without worrying about ruining your boots. Plus, Australian merino sheepskin lining keeps you warm and comfortable.

Lacing Up with Shontelle

Singer/songwriter Shontelle is branching out! The talented songstress is showcasing her design skills with her new CAT x SHONTELLE footwear collection, which debuted during New York Fashion Week. Joonbug had the opportunity to chat with the gal of many trades about the inspiration behind the collection, her plans for the future, and more.

Our Winter Guide...For Your Feet

When it comes to shoes, many of us seem to put them on the back burner until we are just about half way out the door. The biggest problem (for many of us) is having the right practical shoes in our wardrobe. If we had just put a little more time and consideration into our weekly Sunday shopping spree, this issue could have been avoided. Check out our guide to having the right shoes in your wardrobe this winter that will leave you feeling prepared and stylish for any occasion.
Flat Riding Boots

Ankle Boots Are Back!

Ankle boots or "booties" if you will are back, and cuter than ever! This is a style you won't want to miss out on this Fall.

Many of us are probably overstocked with shoes, but it doesn't hurt to pick yourself up a pair of booties to rock with your skinny jeans or leggings with a skirt. We found a few places online and stores that are just as obsessed as we are!

This years super huge collection of ankle boots are sexified. The best part about ankle boots is that they are perfect for work and play, and the transition is effortless! Check out some styles and get your hands on them now!

The Surprising New Trend in Fashion

Are sports becoming the new wave era in fashion? Women are dolling themselves up for football, basketball and now, baseball! The San Francisco Giants are especially causing ladies to stess over what to wear to a game. They wonder, Can heels be worn to a game? How will I actually climb up the crazy high bleachers?

What to wear is the question, and the first thing to do is make a list of pros and cons. Then toss out the uncomfortable heels, and trade them in for a pair of Puma sneakers! Or, if sneakers just won’t cut it, slip on some ballet flats or studded mid-calf boots from Miss Sixty!


For the past few nights I couldn’t sleep; I’ve been having nightmares of an empty shoe closet! I don’t leave the house for fear that a shoe robber might take away my foot treasures. I have been thinking of all the places I could hide my shoes: under my bed (yeah right! that’s the first place to look plus that won’t hold all of my shoes.) Maybe I’ll build a secret room like in the movies behind the bookshelf, where you pull this one book and the bookshelf moves out of the way revealing a secret door; behind it and a room filled with my “sweet shoes”. That’s never going to happen; my husband will not agree to it, he already thinks I am crazy (about shoes).

On my way to work....

I decided to stop in our local Bread & Butter located on Park Avenue for a cup of freshly brewed Hazelnut coffee. Concerned about my list of things to do or write about today, I started looking around. Everyone was dressed pretty warm for the weather, but nothing actually stood out about any of them. Until I noticed one lady and her shoulder bag which was beautiful, but then I noticed her boots. They were a comfy yet stylish pair of Sorel weather boots. I loved them immediately. I asked her where she'd gotten them and she'd actually received them as a well-welcomed Christmas gift from her mom. Kudos, mom! Once again, I'm all about the winter boots this season, especially since every time we think to put them up, it's time to retrieve them once more.