Boston Weekend Round Up: October 4th-6th 2013

Friday, October 4th

Octoberfest at the Harpoon Brewery is full of music, food, dancing, and of course some of the best beer that Boston has to offer. Head on over to the Harpoon Brewery and get buzzed from your favorite selection of beer. We recommend trying the UFO Pumpkin Ale if you really want to dive into the season. The festival runs from Friday, October 4th through Saturday the 5th with tickets priced at only $20 at the door!

Harpoon Brewery, 306 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02210

The Electric Run isn’t your regular 5K marathon. This year they promise to bring you bright neon trees, glowing arches, lasers, glowing beach balls and some of the best music to keep you pumped during your run. And it just gets better after you cross the finish line. Get your dance on at the Electric Run Finish Celebration and sip on a couple of drinks too. So walk, run, or dance your way to the finish line- just make sure you make it there!

Gear Up for Boston Fashion Week

Also part of the Boston Fashion Week, is the 5th Annual Emerging Trends show which will be held on September 29th. The event is dedicated to aid the Boston fashion community in evolving it's creative reputation. Past shows have shown successful track records and is an excellent way for emerging designers to exhibit their designs to a slew of media, sponsers and buyers. The event also gives ticket buyers the opportunity to be part of a good cause. A portion of the VIP ticket sales will benefit One Home Many Hopes, an organization that helps, rescues, and educates orphaned and abandoned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya. To buy tickets please click here.

Boston Fashion Week: Emerging Trends 2011

International flair is brought to Boston Fashion Week once again with the 4th annual Emerging Trends 2011 Runway Show. Another successful year showcased the global talent of designers from Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iceland and more. A gathering of jewelry, shoe, men’s, and women’s collections from diverse cultural backgrounds not only makes this event interesting, but also lands Boston on the map for fashion in the United States. “Each designer participating in The Emerging Trends 2011 Runway Show was carefully chosen to represent a unique euro-chic style that strengthens the image of Boston as an important global fashion resource,” stated producer and CEO of the SYNERGY Events, Reaz Hoque. Here, we recap a few of our favorites from the show.

Boston Fashion Week 2011

Bostonians, you are just days away from the kickoff to another awesome year of Boston Fashion Week! Founded in 1995, the dedication and support of the Boston community is apparent in the evolution of this premiere fashion event. A collection of fashion education workshops, exhibitions, coinciding events at various locales, and of course, the runway shows make up the accessibility and appeal BFW offers to anyone willing to participate. Most excitingly, this year marks the debut of The TENT, Boston Fashion Week’s official central location for the designer runway shows. Mayor Thomas Menino, as quoted in The Boston Globe, said “Having one central location will really create an opportunity to make this a premiere event for the city. This is going to be a truly professional event, and our talent in Boston deserves that.’’

Fun and Flirty Annie Fish

Growing up in Cape Cod, that Annie Fish admits “isn’t quite a fashion hub," is what first got her thinking about fashion.

A lack of options at local stores motivated her to start making her own clothes. “I knew exactly what I wanted, so I ended up just skipping the middleman, and the shopping, and just made the item myself,” she says.

Kelly Dempsey Makes A Splash

Splash Couture, brainchild of self-taught designer Kelly Dempsey, is fashion-meets-self expression. The inspiration for her one-of-a-kind label is captured in its name — “I came up with splash because I love color, I’m inspired by color and I think of 'splash of color'… Texture is an inspiration, as well. I love something more couture, something different with a lot of shape. I like mixing things that wouldn’t normally go together, says Dempsey. "I like to stand out."

Structurally Streamlined

Boston Fashion Week has come to a close this past weekend and a bevy of talented designers have been showcasing their work around the city.

The Emerging Trends show that took place on September 25th was a solid showcase for up-and-coming designers, such as Rachel Sin from Ottawa, Canada.

Born in Hawaii and raised in Toronto, Sin has no formal fashion training, however, her passion for design came quite naturally having trained and worked as an architect. The transition to fashion designer was seamless for Sin, as both professions require her “to be meticulous and demand quality.” Fashion design for her, “is another channel for creative release,” she says.

Boston Fashion Week: Sustainably Stylish

It wasn’t long ago that the term “eco-friendly fashion” conjured up the less-than stylish image of a Birkenstock-clad hippie swathed in flowing, unflattering fabrics of various prints and patterns. For others, perhaps, the term calls to mind the archetypal vegetarian footwear of yore, which was often bizarrely similar to Grandma’s orthopedic shoes.

Fashionable? I think not. But, Alas—times have changed, my friend, and “going green” has proven to gain headway in the world of fashion as many designers are choosing to utilize products that are ecologically sustainable or certified fair trade.

Boston Fashion Week: Second Time Around

As the hype of Fashion Week settled down in New York City the excitement built up for it's launch in Boston. In the enthusiasm of Boston's Fashion Trial Second Time Around put on their own show and showed viewers that second hand clothes can still be fashionable.

Second Time Around was by far the most unique show to date in town with young models dressed and mixed with both low and high end designers. The runway was full of sequins, vests, dresses, and even bright red converses.

After the show each piece that hit the runway and more were able to be bought in the pop up store. It was a night full of fashion, styling, cocktails, and shopping.

Emerging Trends from Lasell Students

Boston's third-annual Emerging Trends fashion show took place at the Castle at Park Plaza Hotel this past Saturday, September 25th. While many of the showcased designers had traveled from all over the world, including Janice Louise Miller (Canada) and Huong Vu (Virgin Islands), several others were based right out of the Boston area.

Up-and-coming Boston designers included Crystal Noe, Greg Hugill and Dawn Mostow. All are graduates and/or current students of Lasell College, and all have a unique sensibility.