Carnaval Celebração at SUSHISAMBA

There is something else besides Valentine's Day to celebrate this week, and you don't need a significant other to participate. For Catholics, Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a time of year in which it is customary to abstain from pleasurable excesses. For many, that means the time leading up to Lent is the time to get in as much debauchery as possible before the fasting and piety begin, and this time is usually called carnaval. While the parades, drinking, dancing, and street food have been going on for weeks in Brazil, the culmination of the festivities happens tomorrow, February 12th, which is when SUSHISAMBA is hosting its yearly Carnaval Celebração.

Celebrate Brazilian Carnaval Right Here In Miami!

Let me guess, you’d love to go to Rio de Janeiro and celebrate Carnaval but can’t afford the trip? Who wouldn’t love to party alongside the most beautiful people on earth, dancing to samba in bikinis (yes, both men and women) with a Caipirinha in hand? Well, you’re in luck. SUSHISAMBA on Lincoln Road is offering you the same great Brazilian fun without even having to leave South Florida. But uh, men- please leave the bikinis at home!