Event Review: Altaneve hosts Ice Skating at Brookfield Place

Dressed in their very best, made their way to Brookfield Place on Tuesday evening to celebrate with Altaneve Prosecco, as they hosted a black tie affair-- complete with delightful drinks and ice skating. Brookfield Place is still in the midst of heavy construction, and the bulk of the building will only open as of Spring 2015. On the night of the event, one could walk through gaping expanses of marble and glass and without seeing another person. The quiet corner of Manhattan and early darkness of winter evening completed the feeling that one was creeping illicitly through the halls of a luxurious office building, closed up for the night.

Free Halloween Event in Lower Manhattan

This eco-friendly and family-friendly Halloween party will feature tons of interactive art projects, activities and entertainment. Your kids can snack on organic and fair-trade sweets while enjoying large-scale puppets, “Bobbin’ For Apples” and “Pin a Face on the Pumpkin”.

Bring your children’s old costumes so they can swap them for new ones at the Costume Swap! There is even an indoor winter garden and an outdoor waterfront plaza that you and your kids can explore. The party ends with the Ghost and Goblins Parade through Battery Park at 3 pm.

Bring your old costumes, wear your new ones and get ready to have some family fun!

Three Spots to Check Out During March Madess

Now that you're donned in the appropriate sports attire, it's time to hunker down and watch the highly anticipated March Madness games. View the basketball games in style at posh sports lounge The 40/40 Club, get in on the action at Brookfield Place, or head to local watering hole Brother Jimmy's for some basketball madness.

Jay-Z's The 40/40 Club always pulls out the big stops for sports enthusiasts, with over 30 flat screen TVs and luxe stadium seating. This upscale sports lounge is where to go if you're super serious about watching some b-ball. The club is offering multiple tournaments packages, starting with their 4 person package ($250+ ) which includes chips, salsa and guacamole, two buckets of beer, and two platters of food. To learn about bigger packages, or make a reservation, please call 212-832-4040.