Barclays Center Opens The 40/40 Club with a Bang

Last night, Jay-Z hosted the Grand Opening for his new 40/40 Club at The Barclays Center. Joining him at the event were big name celebs and a handful of gifted athletes. Rihanna, J Cole, and Questlove were in attendance, as well as a handful of players from the Brooklyn Nets. The new dad was all smiles at the event, excited to bring some happiness to Brooklyn.

Those who have awaited the highly anticipated arena will be more than satisfied with the results. The 40/40 Club looks out into the massive arena, giving bar goers another venue to watch the game from. The club is covered with flat screen TVs, with dining tables, swanky seats, and a giant bar right in the center of it all. It is sure to be packed on game nights. Check out photos of the new hot spot and the famous faces that showed up last night!

Barclays Center Brings New Life to Brooklyn

A new wave of culture is about to hit Brooklyn. The Barclays Center is finally openeing its doors to the public. Home to the re-named Brooklyn Nets, the arena is sure to bring a liveliness that the BK has been missing since the Dodger's parted ways for LA in 1957.

The cutting-edge 18,000 seat arena will be formally welcomed with a concert by co-owner of the Nets as well as Brooklyn's own, the one and only, Jay Z. The rap mogel will be taking the reigns with an eight night residency starting Friday, Sept. 28 until Oct. 6th.

Additional, upcoming events inlcude the Harlem Globetrotters, Barbra Streisand, SENSATION, John Legend and Journey.

Barclays Bringing the Party to Brooklyn

New York has always been the place to be, but has becoming less and less the place the live.

It seems that all over the map, neighborhoods are shrinking with the influx of imbibing touristy hotspots and all the locals can do is voice their concerns against the massive amounts of funds going into developing these new party destinations.

The latest coup is happening around the Barclays Center Arena in Brooklyn. The stampeding Nets fans and concert goers looking to keep the jeep riding aren’t going to take off for Manhattan if all the nightlife adventures are laid out in front of them, and so here come the bars and restaurants.

Jay Z Brings 40/40 Club To Brooklyn

The Barclays Center is the brand new sports and entertainment complex in Brooklyn that will be the home of the Brooklyn Nets come next season. In a recent press release, Jay Z announced that he was adding his club, 40/40, to the list of venues in the complex.