Get the Oscar Looks for Less (And Not So Less, But Totally Worth It) !

The 2014 Oscars have come and gone, but we can’t forget about the glamorous red carpet looks we saw this year. Chances are you spotted come incredible dresses that you would love to wear if it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg! And because you might not be able to fork over the amount needed for the hefty price tag on the gowns worn by Lupita N’ Yongo or Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet, Joonbug.com has found a few looks for less options that your wallet will actually like.

Lupita N’Yongo’s powder blue Prada dress was stunning on the red carpet. This custom gown will probably not fit into your monthly budget, but we found a lovely chiffon dress from Lulus that we guarantee you will fall in love with. This Bariano Ocean of Elegancemaxi dress has awesome detailing and is only $179. The details, like the off the shoulder straps, plunging sweetheart neckline and elegant ruching, will have you feeling the red carpet glam.

Gift Guide for The Frugalista
Boozing 101: Getting Sauced on a Budget

Cash: perennial arbiter of joy and sorrow, judicator of revelry, and buzz-kill extraordinaire! The greenery is the one commodity equally lusted and despised by the masses. Unfortunately, when the queso is on the wane, the options for bacchanalia appear to similarly diminish—yet appearances are deceiving! With a little ingenuity, monetary “belt-tightening," and liberal outlook, the fiesta can be resurrected from the ashes of financial ruin!

Boozing on a budget is an art form like anything else. Not for the faint of heart, or any who turn their nose at the prospect of roughing it in the proverbial “drinking wilds”; getting a quality buzz with limited funds entails some abstract expressionism (of the liquid variety).

Hot Affordable Dresses for New Year's

If the new release of 'New Year's Eve' starring Sarah Jessica Parker has not put you in the New Year's party spirit, these dresses sure will. We understand not everyone has the budget of Ms. Parker, but that doesn't mean your NYE should be any less glamorous! New Year's Eve is the one time during the winter a woman is SUPPOSED to under dress in her most festive outfit to ring in the New Year. It isn't brain surgery to find a dress, but sometimes finding the perfect ensemble in the wave of endless options can be grueling. Everyone has their own preference; whether it's sequins, prints, color blocking or black, so here are four, affordable picks that are sure to help you narrow down your options!

Mani Pedi in NYC for $20 Bucks

If you’re anything like us, keeping up with your nails can put quite the dent in your wallet. Well my fellow Manhattanites, have we got news for you. We’ve done our research to provide you with a list of places that pamper our fingers and toes in NYC for just $20 bucks. A steal? We think so.
Shopping on a Budget
$50 Date Challenge: Boston Edition

You don't have to sacrifice quality when you head out with your new slim and trim budget for a $50 date. You just have to know where to go and what to get. Whether you like a cocktail, a carafe of wine, or you're "cleansing" your diet of alcohol in the new year, you will find an outing that will suit you. To help offset the cost of a night out, invite your date over for a glass of wine or a shaken cocktail before you head out. You can head over to The Boston Shaker for some cocktail tools and inspiration if you are new to the DIY bartending world.

Budget Holiday Party
American Dreamin' in Autumn

Flannel shirts, denim jackets, and puffer vests, oh my! As the weather transitions from maxi dress and jeweled sandals to wool coat with over-the-knee boots, we need to adjust our wardrobes accordingly. Classic American is back in a big way, and here are some ways to honor the U.S. of A with your look and stay within your budget:

1. Fur-trimmed hoodie puffer vest from Gap – Ah, the classic American styles of the Gap. A perfect place to go for standard wardrobe staples and with the weather rapidly starting to dip, a nice fur-trim vest is just what the doctor ordered.

The Royal Family Sheds Some Pounds

There is further evidence that the recession has gone global. London’s Daily Mail reports the Queen of England is trying to make cuts to keep Palace spending under control. She’s not enacting anything too drastic on herself, of course. The 82 year old monarch decided to make the rollicking Christmas bash at Buckingham Palace biennial. The party, which occurred last night, will be the last held for two years.

Other cuts that will affect workers include a standard Christmas gift to be given to all staff. Loyal servants will receive a pair of coasters from Her Royal Highness. Things don’t look so bad for Queen Elizabeth; the only action she’s taken so far is having dressmakers use old fabric to fashion some of her holiday gowns.