Ai Fiori's Sunday Brunch

Ai Fiori continues to impress. On Sunday, the Michelin-rated restaurant launched its first brunch menu, featuring a tasteful array of cuisines from the Italian and French Riviera.

The interior boasts sophistication and serenity. Crisp afternoon sunlight spills through the tall glass windows. A small jazz band plays in the corner, the hum of their instruments muffled by the clinking of glasses and silverware.

Chef Michael White, the restaurant’s celebrated chef and owner, is the mastermind behind the brunch menu. Some of the cuisines are influenced by his past travels.

Easter Brunch in South Florida

One of the interesting things about the holidays is that the traditions surrounding them can be so enjoyable, and oftentimes so delicious, that even the most staunch atheist can feel hesitant to completely abandon them. Even those who still identify with a particular religion can often forgo the rituals, services, and prayers associated with certain holidays but will definitely embrace the gift exchanges, parties, and most definitely the food. I’m certain that not everyone has been making sacrifices for Lent. Many Catholics have probably forgotten that Palm Sunday was this past weekend, many more will be observing Holy Week as just another week, and there are probably quite a few who don’t plan on going to church this coming Sunday. Nevertheless, many self-identifying Christians will probably be making plans to enjoy an Easter meal this weekend. Along with the warmer weather our northern compatriots hope to experience, our recent “spring forward” to which many of us are still adjusting also marks an unofficial start to “the brunch season.” Sure, we enjoy leisurely al fresco brunches all the time in South Florida, but brunch never seems as mandatory as it does during one of the Spring’s most brunch-friendly holidays, Easter. In case you have yet to make plans for this weekend, here are a few of Joonbug’s suggestions for restaurants serving up Easter brunch in South Florida:

Rusty Pelican's All-American Barbecue Buffet

Rusty Pelican has always been known to me as Miami's best spot for brunch: Easter brunch, Mother's Day brunch, post-graduation brunch, etc. However, it never occurred to me that with it's unparalleled waterfront views from almost anywhere in the restaurantwould be the best place to watch July 4th fireworks displays. This Independence Day, enjoy an All-American buffet that includes all the classics, such as potato salad, macaroni and cheese, Jack Daniels barbecue chicken, and even Miami-inspired delicacies like guava barbecue ribs. After ending your meal with some Georgia peach cobbler, sit back and enjoy the several fireworks displays occurring litterally all around you. In honor of our troops, Rusty Pelican is offering this July 4th buffet at half off to all active service members, which includes free beer and wine!

Last Minute Christmas Dinner?
You Forgot to Make Thanksgiving Dinner
Ditch That Diet!

Pour out that protein shake, step away from the salad bar, and cancel that Weight Watchers appointment. May 6th is National No Diet Day, and it's your time to give yourself - and your tastebuds - a treat. There's no denying that what human beings crave the most are all things rich, starchy, and sweet. Unfortunately, those cravings, if left untamed, can lead to obesity and the health complications that come with it. However, sometimes it seems as if modern society has made us into health nuts, constantly obsessing about cholesterol, trans fats, calories, and carbs to the point that we cannot even gaze upon a cookie without feeling guilty. You've denied yourself long enough, and apparently so have enough people to warrant a day to forget about your dieting and give yourself what you really want...and lot's of it! But after so much time frequenting health food stores and packing lunches of raw almonds and blueberries, you've probably forgotten all about those greasy, creamy, or syrupy-sweet delicacies and where to find them. No worries. Joonbug is here to help you celebrate National No Diet Day in style with a few recommendations of places where you can break your diet, even if it's just for a day.

City Breeze

Herro! Welcome to City Breeze! Your inside guide to the hippest happenings in New York City. Now no matter where you are you can feel the flow and get involved! I am New York City's flyest and newest DJ Breezy B! I will be your eyes and ears to all underground events and sounds in the city. You will have a play by play of al the crazy shenanigans that go down every weekend. Like how last friday all I wanted to do was see z-trip but somehow ended up with a bottle of makers mark at a warehouse party deep in brooklyn. Or about the time me and the girls accidentally wound up at a party with Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg, and how we magically got escorted to the front row of the performance. Lets just say, I go out. A lot. So much that I am a mother effing professional. I follow music. I love music. I love and live New York City & I will prove to you that music today has never sounded better. I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and hope you are all thankful. You should be because your alive. Please find time in your day to be thankful and find a moment to put your hands up and say "I'M ALIVE!!!" gobble gobble gobble.

NYC NYE 2011
Joonbug Hosts New Year’s Eve 2011 Bash at The Temptress Yacht

Joonbug will be hosting the New Year’s Eve 2011 celebration on The Temptress yacht! The Temptress is the second largest registered vessel in New York harbor!

This New Year’s Eve Party will be hosted on the 160ft long Temptress yacht, comprised of multi-level indoor decks and a grand dual staircase! The Temptress also boasts a permanent hardwood dance floor, a state-of-the-art sound system, and large panoramic windows for some memorable photo opportunities. Imagine as the yacht sails down the river, you are greeted with these magnificent opportunities to pose in front of the NYC skyline, famous bridges and other historic landmarks!