4 New Summer Spots in the City

NYC’s humid summers can make your afternoon stroll seem like a lifetime; especially when your destination is nowhere in particular. To help make a point of getting out of the apartment with purpose, consider these new openings throughout the city.

All over Brooklyn, the fire hydrants have been popping open, cooling off the cement enough for you to make your way to The Well, located on 272 Meserole St. This new 4,000-square foot public house is accompanied by an 11,000-square-foot backyard making it the ultimate neighborhood hangout. The Well offers live music, 60 beers on tap, and 200 beers in bottles.

Cobra Club: The Very First Yoga Studio & Bar Opens in Brooklyn

New York Grub Street has reported that Cobra Studio, a newly opened yoga studio, will start serving booze! Nikki Koch, Julia Huffman, and Dana Bushman opened the 2,500 square foot studio last week in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The yoga studio/restaurant/bar will offer yoga in the morning, but in the afternoon it will begin serving food including Meat Hook hot dogs and Frito pies, as well as a cocktails, beer, and wine!

"Every time we take a great class, afterward we want to go have a drink and relax and have a conversation," Koch told Grubstreet.

Video: Worst (or Best?) Parker Ever Gets Away Scott-free

A tipster sent Gothamist a video of a man who managed to parallel park his car into a tight spot by continuously love-tapping the car behind him. The tipster told Gothamist, "I was leaving for work the other day and noticed a parked car that was boxed in tight. It was gone that night when I came home, but the cars in front and back were still there. Curious, I checked my security camera." And when he did he found video evidence of what some would call the worst, or possibly the best, parker ever. He was bold in his resourcefulness, terrible in his delivery but got the job done and managed to get away scott-free. We're not sure whether to scold or congratulate him. Check out the video:

Recession Approved: Cheapest Happy Hours in NYC

Being a young barhopper in New York can be tough. Your friends who moved to Nashville call to tell you about their wild night, and here you are, plopping down your last 7 dollars on a pint of Rolling Rock. But fear not, draft hounds: justice comes to all in the form of happy hour. We've scoured the city for the best deals this side of South Dakota, and while the drinks may not be top shelf, at least your wallet won't be hung over the next morning.

Bourbon Street (407 Amsterdam Avenue)

Hydroponics: Smarter Farming in an Urban Setting

As with any large metropolis, New York has very limited space. Buildings, streets, and sidewalks overwhelm what little land is left. So one has to wonder: how does an urban environment entrenched in concrete and asphalt become a viable provider of farmed goods? How does a city like the Big Apple find an environmentally friendly way to supply a variety of quality produce for its community without traveling beyond the city limits?

Hydroponics is a system of growing fruits and vegetables by using irrigated, mineral-rich water to create a highly sustainable way to farm and harvest produce. The benefits include a significant decrease in the use of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, the elimination of fertilizer runoff into waterways and oceans, and the reduction of water use by 70 to 90%. Plants are also no longer susceptible to soil-borne diseases such as salmonella and E Coli. And one of the biggest perks? Hydroponics uses less square footage than traditional field agriculture, an ideal situation in an urban setting.

Little Skips: "Unadulterated Fun"

Little Skips
941 Willoughby Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221
(corner of Charles and Willoughby)
(718) 484-0980

In a city as caffeine-affluent as New York, literally every street, block and corner has a coffee shop that professes its superiority above the rest. Daily, we are bombarded with advertisements for this new blend or that extra-shot-something-or-other, when, really, coffee is coffee and we're too apathetic/rushed/frazzled to care.

Or are we?

Nuzzled in Bushwick, Little Skips, a newborn coffee shop that also operates as a music and art venue, offers the un-phased coffee gurus of New York another option for their morning brew. With peculiar, yet tastefully charming original creations, this place is sure to jostle the jaded.

Flushing Farms, a new...??