It's Cold Outside! Grab Yourself a Nice Cup of Hot Coffee.

Its aroma is almost indescribable; showcasing notes of chocolate and exotic flavor, nothing can quite beat a cup of coffee. New Yorker’s adore their daily cup of coffee it is a must at any time of the day, for a pick me up that is unique. Coffee is not just an instantly gratifying hot beverage (or cold if you prefer), so it must be savored for what it is. The smells that waft through that cup must be remembered and discussed for weeks on after. We no present to you just a small sample of the good coffee stores in this city, where good flavor is a sure thing.

Rustic, feel great sweet treats --what more can you ask for? Well, a great cup of coffee will just top it all off. A rose almond cookie sounds just fantastic with a signature latte.

The Joy of Java: Best Local Spots to Get Your Coffee Fix

New Yorkers need to stay in their groove in order to make it through the long day. Most of us have our methods of keeping off the path to dreamland and many choose coffee. On almost every street corner you have the choice of a bodega coffee or a Starbucks. When you get lucky, you find a hidden gem. Here is a list of our local favorites, so hopefully you can stop looking for yours!

141 Waverly Place New York, NY (212) 924-6750

Not only does Joe's coffee taste spectacular, they also offer classes to teach basic espresso and milk steaming theory, as well as latte art. On Fridays, enjoy learning how to taste and evaluate coffee at their location on 13th Street for $5 to attend. Space is limited and it starts at 6pm.

Happy Cappuccino Day!

Who knew that it was Cappuccino Day?! Well luckily for you, Andaz 5th Avenue is quick on the uptake and is celebrating this fabulous holiday. Grab a bargain while you shop at the store and treat yourself to a $2 cappuccino. Their cappuccinos are brewed with espresso beans from local roaster Cafe Grumpy. Grab your brew on the go if you are a shopaholic or take your time and relax at the communal table in the retail section. Pair it with some snacks made by Pastry Chef Charmaine McFarlane or grab a sandwich from local purveyors such as the Mast Brothers and Katz's Delicatessen.