Easter Brunch in South Florida

One of the interesting things about the holidays is that the traditions surrounding them can be so enjoyable, and oftentimes so delicious, that even the most staunch atheist can feel hesitant to completely abandon them. Even those who still identify with a particular religion can often forgo the rituals, services, and prayers associated with certain holidays but will definitely embrace the gift exchanges, parties, and most definitely the food. I’m certain that not everyone has been making sacrifices for Lent. Many Catholics have probably forgotten that Palm Sunday was this past weekend, many more will be observing Holy Week as just another week, and there are probably quite a few who don’t plan on going to church this coming Sunday. Nevertheless, many self-identifying Christians will probably be making plans to enjoy an Easter meal this weekend. Along with the warmer weather our northern compatriots hope to experience, our recent “spring forward” to which many of us are still adjusting also marks an unofficial start to “the brunch season.” Sure, we enjoy leisurely al fresco brunches all the time in South Florida, but brunch never seems as mandatory as it does during one of the Spring’s most brunch-friendly holidays, Easter. In case you have yet to make plans for this weekend, here are a few of Joonbug’s suggestions for restaurants serving up Easter brunch in South Florida:

Valentine's Day dining in Broward & Palm Beach

For those of you who don’t reside in the 305 or just don’t want to deal with Miami’s infamous traffic and parking, there are many restaurants north of County Line Road where one can have a delicious and memorable Valentine’s Day. Whether you decide to dine on bustling Las Olas Boulevard or in quirky Delray Beach, Joonbug’s Broward/Palm Beach dining guide for V-day will help point you in the right direction. Here are a few of our picks:

Big City Tavern
609 E. Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 727-0307

This Monday: France vs. Italy

Long before our eyes and palates turned away from our ethnocentric ideals and began to embrace the cultures and cuisines of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere, it was all about Europe. France has had the stronghold on cuisine for over a century, being one of the first to formally establish a school of thought on the matter, as well as rules, formal techniques, and regulations. However, as many food historians would point out, if it were not for the Italian nobility (Catherine de' Medici comes to mind) that brought its dishes and techiques to france, as well as Italian explorers who brought exotic seasonings ands foods to Europe, French cuisine would not be what it is today. Both cuisines are rich, diverse, expansive, and quite different from each other, and the argument over which is better is one that has inflamed the passions of even the most casual eaters.

It's All Greek To Me

To say that I indulged like a Grecian Goddess this weekend is an understatement. I got to attend the 9th Annual Boca Bacchanal this weekend; and boy, was it fit for a God! The Boca Bacchanal presented by the Boca Raton Historical Society, was an event perfect for wine enthusiasts, food lovers and anyone who enjoys the “good things” in life. Inspired by Dionysus the Greek God of wine, also known as Bacchus, who himself enjoyed all the splendors life offered him. A festival known as the "Bacchanalia" in honor of Dionysus and the Greek culture of Southern Italy has been a party dating back to 200 BC. Now this development has spread across the Atlantic to Boca Raton! Held on March 18th- 20th, this was a weekend to remember! Each day featured a different approach to enticing your taste buds! Whether it was a dinner cooked by top chefs or wines paired with your gourmet meal, everyone was sure to leave happy and feel as delighted as a Greek God themselves!