SodaStream Raises Awareness for the Pacific Trash Vortex
The Big Egg Hunt Comes to NYC

If you’ve passed by Columbus Circle lately, then you’ve seen the big, beautiful eggs displayed outside! These ornately designed eggs are each unique and doing 'eggs-cellent' work for our community. Held in previous years in other cities around the globe, like Dublin, The Big Egg Hunt, presented by Faberge, is going strong in NYC! During the month of April, 260 eggs have been hidden around the city.

Click here to see a map of the city and find eggs to look at in your neighborhood. Some of the eggs were hidden to be found by famous city dwellers like this "world egg" hidden for Anderson Cooper to find. Or this contemporary style egg painted by Brooklyn artist, Kayti Didriksen, for Raymond Weil, luxury watch maker, to find.

Win a Trip to a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photoshoot

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is one of the most iconic magazine spreads in the world, and this year it reaches the half-century mark. For its gold anniversary, Sports Illustrated is partnering with the Happy Hearts Fund to offer a truly unique experience. For just $10 you can be entered to win a round-trip visit to the 2015 Swimsuit issue photo shoot session, where you can spend a day frolicking on the beach with a bunch of bikini models. Higher donations will be rewarded with exciting gifts --$50 gets you a T-shirt and just $5,000 will land you a Skype session with Petra Nemcova—as well as more contest entries. You can see all the prizes and make your donation at the fundraiser's Prizeo page here.

Amnesty International Speaks Out Against Russia's Human Rights Violations

Amnesty International USA's executive director, Steven Hawkins, responded to the recent arrest and subsequent release of nine people by the Russian government. Included amongst the prisoners were Nadezhda ‘Nadya’ Tolokonnikova and Maria ‘Masha’ Alekhina, past members of Pussy Riot who just came from a trip to the US, where they were on the Colbert Report and spoke at an Amnesty International benefit concert, working to rally American interest in Russia's imprisonment of activists.

Katie Holmes Teams Up With Kohl's In Support Of Breast Cancer Awareness

Katie Holmes wants to encourage women everywhere to talk about the "pink elephant in the room"--Breast Cancer.

To help start the conversation, Katie has teamed up with Kohl's and their Pink Elephant Campaign to support women's health with a new pink elephant necklace and new Kohl's cash that will both benefit the Komen Foundation.

Through the Pink Elephant Campaign Kohl's is expected to raise up to $1 million dollars for the Susan G. Komen foundation in support of breast cancer awareness and research.


NAMIWalks is an annual charity event that is bringing awareness and support to those affected by mental illnesses. The largest mental health fundraising event in the US, NAMIWalks is a fundraising event that was started by the National Alliance on Mental Illness also known as NAMI. NAMI was founded in 1979 and has since become the largest mental health support organization in the country. The goals of NAMI is to bring awareness, advocate, educate, research and support. NAMI works with affiliates, communities and outside organization to provide resources to individuals and families all across the U.S. with their major program being NAMI Basic Education. This programs educates parents and caregivers of young children how to care for families and youth with mental illnesses.

Homeward Bound's Eye-Catching Ad Campaigns

The glossy pages of tabloid magazines direct consumerism towards attention seeking celebrities and their everyday antics.Think about all the times People magazine would publish photos of celebrities in their sweatpants going grocery shopping at a nearby Whole Foods, or simply photos of celebrity spottings outside posh venues around LA.

It's everywhere and people buy into it. They obsess over the belief that celebrities are simply average human beings but somewhere down the line, in the midst of all this obsession, lies a meaningless pursuit.

St. Bernard Project and The Friends of Rockaway

Over a year ago, New York was hit by one of the most destructive and devastating hurricanes to ever hit the Eastern United States--Hurricane Sandy. But nobody was more affected by the destruction than the community of Rockaway, Queens. Inhabitants were left with homes that were either severely damaged by the flooding or completely destroyed, business owners lost massive revenue due to costly repairs, and cars were damaged beyond repair by the severe hurricane. The people of Rockaway were left to face the destruction as they tried to rebuild their once thriving community.

The St. Bernard Project, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to disaster recovery relief, partnered with The Friends of Rockaway, a rebuilding organization created by several residents of Rockaway. They began to roll up their sleeves and tackle the issues faced by the community. Finding resources and helping rebuild homes, both nonprofits are standing as a symbol of hope to many residents of Rockaway who lost everything.

Let's "Feed the Need" in New York City

It’s that time of year: you’re probably feeling bloated, you can’t get that favorite pair of skinny jeans to button, and are already setting a date in the new year to kick-start a workout program and cut back on what you’re eating. And living in a city bursting with endless culinary options perched on every city block, boasting some of the world’s most famous chefs, it’s a shame to think of the number of our neighbors whose chronically short food supply has only decreased. Approximately 2.6 million people throughout the five boroughs, nearly half of whom work, have difficulty affording enough food for their families and have to rely regularly on food pantries.

Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund

The Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund's main goal is to shine light on a diesease that has been shadowed for too long. Awareness must be raised in order to fund research, as well as educate the public in diagnosing, treating and supporting all women with ovarian cancer. You are never to young to ask questions and be knowledgeble of your body- the temple that we live in. By purchasing LMOCF products you will be donating towards the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund. 100% of all profits from the sales goes toward the fund. One of the Funding Support come from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. MSK is the world's oldest private institution devoted to the prevention, patient care, research and education in cancer. Our beloved readers, did you know that up to 15% of all ovarian cancer is hereditary? Grants from LMOCF permits Memorial Sloan-Kettering doctors and physican- scientists in the promise of acknowledging and approaching the quick act on promised ovarain cancer research with one duty in mind- to bring new hope to women. You can donate to the Laura Mercier Ovaraian Cancer Fund online here- it takes only a few minutes. You may also donate by mail- just print this form and send the form, together with your donation to: