Behind The Mix with Tyler Sherritt

If you live in NYC, you're in luck, as Sherritt will be playing at Cielo tomorrow, Thursday, April 12 (link). Don't miss your chance to get into this promising young gun. For more information and to hear some of his tracks, check out some of these links below:

We recently got a chance to chat with Tyler about his first big tour, what he likes to listen to when he's chilling at home and his plans for the upcoming year. Read on!

A Great Mix: Dancing and Mingling

What is the most inherently understood, widely recognized form of communication that spans the entire globe? If you said mathematics, you are wrong. It’s dancing. Bee’s do it. Birds do it, too. Even if you're already enrolled in a zumba class with a friend, finding a great dance club is one of the best ways to relieve stress and have a great time meeting people. Consider these great dance spots next time you got that itch to bust a move.

Cielo, 18 Little W. 12th St. 212-645-5700

Intimate in size, this Meatpacking dance spot was built for dancing. The sunken dance floor means all the attention is on the dancer, surrounded by various genres of house music blasting through its outstanding sound system. The floor is framed with luxurious banquettes so you and your dance partner can take a break and get to know each other.