JWOWW Hosts Studio 54

If Jersey Shore is your thing, then come out on Saturday night, November 27 from 10 PM to 4 AM to party with JWOWW at Studio 54. Otherwise known as Jenny Farley, she will be hosting a rocking party and if you're lucky, she may bring some of her fellow tanned reality friends! It is unclear what the occasion is, but what does it matter, we don't need an excuse to go out and party on Saturday nights! Fist pump with the best of them throughout the night. It's t-shirt time!

Horror on the Hudson
Soundproof That Annoying Friend

Unattractive object right? Hey, looks aren't everything. You'll be thrilled to have this when the awkward friend of the group wants to start karaoking at the adult New Year's party.

If karaoke is an every weekend kind of hobby for them than you might have an issue. Needless to say, don't think your friend will notice what kind of microphone it is if the drinks are flowing.

Just hand them this soundproof microphone and even the most tone deaf entertaining-ish person will bring in the new year with the perfect tune.

The Lyrics To Auld Lang Syne

The crowd’s thunderous voices count down to midnight, everyone kisses, raises a glass and the singing starts. The lyrics and voices always start out strong for the first two lines but than the voices fade out as people become lost. Does anyone really now the rest of the lyrics for Auld Land Syne?

Blame it on to many cocktails before midnight or bad memory but the singing at the party is never like the movies. To fix the confusion, here are the lyrics. Good luck remembering them.

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne ?

Eryka Badu, Bobby Brown and Mary J. Blige Tear It Up at Hennessy Artistry 2010

Now that I have fully recovered from my hangover, I can give you the scoop on the Hennessy Artistry 2010. As I approached Cipriani Wall Street, I noticed a line that wrapped around the block and knew that it could not have been the press check-in. After a little investigating, I found my appropiate entrance and was escorted to a tiny room filled with people with cameras hanging around their knecks and recorders in their hands. "Eeek, I'm in the press pit!", which I can't stand so I opted out and headed to an area more to my liking, the bar. With some raspberry and hennessy concotion that was topped with sprite in hand, which might I add was very tasty, I checked out the scene. The crowd was quite eclectic. There were guys in colorful sneakers, ladies in sparkly dresses, a few "isn't it passed your bedtime grandpas?" and wall street banker, upper east sider types.

Never Too Early To Plan

Put away the 'I won't be standing by that person' 2011 New Year's Eve glasses and grab that chilled glass of champagne. It's not even Halloween yet and already we got the big countdown on our minds.

It's never too late to start thinking where you will be when the clock strikes midnight. After all, the celebs are starting to book their appearances now. So stay tuned with Joonbug to find out where your favorites will be and places you might want to check out yourself.

Gary Spencer: The Man Who Would Be King

Hello again Joonbuggers!

Ok before we go any further, I have a confession to make, fashion week knocked me out. This past week the only thing I've been dancing with is the flu bug. In fact, the only reason I left the house at all was solely so I could bring you this weeks news!

Oh and something else, I may as well get all these out the way - I promised to interview someone special in New York this week. Well I did, but I didn't interview the person I had set out to, so I have got someone else who's a bit special instead - not that you would know the difference, since you didn't know who my original guest was ;-). But anyway, I'll keep that one for a column in the near future, when he gets out of bed, or has finished at the nail salon or whatever else he does when he's ignoring my calls!

More Than Just A Place To Pass Out

There's already an innate sex appeal to hotels. In New York City, some of the best nightclubs in the world are encased in the most elegant and ornate hotels, offering a unique glimpse into the nightlife culture. Check out our top three picks for hotel nightclubs!

Top Three Clubs To Get A Goodnight Kiss

You're at the end of the night. You've spent too much money at the bar and you're single in New York. If you want your Sex and The City dreams to come true, stick around these three clubs as the bar closes to meet your prince(ss) for a goodnight kiss.

289 10th Ave
New York, NY 10001

Marquee is one West Chelsea club that couples high-class clientele with long term success. For five years, the impeccably dressed doorman, Wass, has maintained the ultra-lounge’s integrity, thus making it a fixture in the lives of Manhattan’s party elite. Rubbing elbows with models and celebrities is not an anomaly, but a guarantee. Bottle service is the norm and single men: be ready to cough up serious dough if you want to party like a rock star. The main dance floor on the bottom floor is so small that most club goers take to the couches to get their groove on. House and techno beats blare until 5 am. The intimate atmosphere of Marquee gets the blood flowing and is the perfect setting for a goodnight kiss.

Leave The Bedbugs Out of the DJ Booth

The summer won't officially be over for another week when we all have to stop wearing white in fear the fashion fairy will fall out of the sky and turn us into a knockoff Chanel handbag (gasp). And, speaking of Chanel, it wouldn't be the start of the fall season without the rumor mill of New York Fashion Week whirling up and down 5th Avenue. I'm hopeful for many things, as I always am as fashion week nears. I expect to see color blocking in its best, PR companies scrambling to douse the thirst of their celebrity clients and, of course, Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour glaring at the models as they come down the runway. I also hope that the bedbugs that are plaguing New York City stay away from Lincoln Center. It would be a dreadful sight to see the girls bit up and itching as they model next season's collections.