We Like It Hot: National Edition

Ah, the holidays have officially begun! Hot apple cider, pumpkin spiced anything and plenty of champagne shall be flowing in these next few months! With that said, we've rounded up some festive drinks from all over the country, for you to try in your own home. They are the perfect addition to any holiday dinner!

Jagertee (Served at Liason Capitol Hill, Washington DC)

1.5 oz. Blackwell Rum

1.5 oz. St.Elizabeth Allspice Dream

1.5 oz. Merlot

Holiday Getaways

The holidays are upon us and if you're not near your family, the holidays breed the perfect opportunity for a quiet or adventure filled get-away. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape, a cozy stay at an inn, or family funtime in the city, we've got you covered. Check out these amazing vacation deals being offered by hotels around the world!

The Hanover Inn at Dartmouth: Located in Dartmouth, New Hampshire, The Hanover Inn is an ideal getaway spot this holiday season. The inn just completed a $40 million transformation, so is rearing to have guests. The hotel is located near the Hood Museum of Art and prime skiing destinations. The Inn is offering a Ski and Stay package that includes a full day pass for two at the Dartmouth Skiway, traditional breakfast for two, accomodations in a redesigned guest room for $269 per night with the promotion code PKGSKISTAY, as well as a Holiday Romance Experience package including accomodations in a redesigned guest room, a bottle of wine, and a holiday memento for $239 per night. The promotions run November 18th through December 30th.

Boston Fashion Week: Sustainably Stylish

It wasn’t long ago that the term “eco-friendly fashion” conjured up the less-than stylish image of a Birkenstock-clad hippie swathed in flowing, unflattering fabrics of various prints and patterns. For others, perhaps, the term calls to mind the archetypal vegetarian footwear of yore, which was often bizarrely similar to Grandma’s orthopedic shoes.

Fashionable? I think not. But, Alas—times have changed, my friend, and “going green” has proven to gain headway in the world of fashion as many designers are choosing to utilize products that are ecologically sustainable or certified fair trade.

Outdoor Oasis in Harvard Square


One Bennett Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

Cambridge Represents in Top Chef Masters, Season 2

Celebrated, by locals, sought out by visitors, and recognized by everyone from the James Beard Foundation to The New York Times, chef/owner Jody Adams of Rialto can most often be found in the kitchen at Rialto or cooking for a cause somewhere. If you haven't been, Rialto is a fresh, comfortable, elegant restaurant located at the Charles Hotel and the food is an exquisite variation on a classic theme. The main concept always roots from Italian cuisine and the variations are chef Adams' inspirations from the best foods of the season, a recent excursion, or some other chef's whim.

In a few short weeks Chef Adams will also be on a television near you. Joining a slew of other talented chefs, Jody Adams will be competing on season 2 of Bravo TV's Top Chef Masters. Here is what she had to say about the experience.

LK: Did you go into the competition with a bag of tricks or as an accomplished chef did you just step into the kitchen feeling ready for whatever the host and judges threw your way?

It was a good excuse so I treated myself and went out and bought a brand new knife kit. I didn't have much in terms of a bag of tricks. I stayed true to what I do and who I am.

LK: Every chef has an ingredient, a method, or a kitchen tool that they just feel at odds with. What would that be for you?

Anything high tech.

LK: If you could invite one chef you competed with to come work with you at Rialto for a month who would it be and why?

I would choose them one by one to come. The thing about this experience was that in the heat of the moment I didn't really get to see what the others were doing. I'd love to cook side by side with them and taste their food. There is so much to learn.