ECON101: Drinking Cheap in Lincoln Park

In 2003 the Princeton Review declared that DePaul University students were the “happiest” students in the country, and it's not hard to figure out why. The campus lies right in the center of Lincoln Park, an area surrounded by great restaurants, thousands of spandex clad women, and a sh*t ton of bars!

The bars dotting the area around the campus are certainly part of what makes going to DePaul a unique college experience. It's not a house party school by any means. If you really want to dive into the school's social scene you have to get aquainted with the local bars, but Lincoln park has a reputation for being very very expensive and make no mistake, it is. There are however a number of bars only a few blocks from campus that offer not only terrific atmosphere but deals that allow even the most cash strapped students to get slushed.

Glaze Teriyaki Welcomed to Union Square

The end of August marked a great occasion for the Glaze Teriyaki chain. Hailing from Seattle, Glaze Teriyaki showcases delectable Japanese/Korean street food to metropolitan areas. Glaze Teriyaki opened its first restaurant in Midtown East in New York in 2010, and after much success, the branch has expanded to Union Square.

Owner Paul Krug and Chef Dennis Lake joined forces to open this second location downtown. The menu at the Union Square location remains the same as its Midtown sister, and trust us, this is a good thing. The simple menu consists of traditional teriyaki plates, where you can choose from chargrilled chicken thigh or breast, Japanese bbq hangar steak, organic salmon, pork loin, wok vegetables, or soy maritnated tofu as your main entree. Served over a bed of short grain white or brown rice, along with a side salad, the dish is a steal, with prices from $6.75-$9.50. The dish comes with so much food, it's enough for two meals. Pair with it some side dishes and you'll leave a happy customer. Sides range from $3-$5 with options like edamame, cold sesame soba noodles, shishito peppers cucumber salad, crispy gyoza, and spicy Asian bbq pickles. Chef Dennis Lake is passionate about the Glaze Teriyaki franchise and sure knows how to whip up some good grub. Another plus of dining at Glaze Teriyaki, besides the fact that it's quick and affordable, is that the restaurant is dedicated to using all natural proteins and local products whenever possible.

Head to Toe Glam: Exude Lipstick & Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Sale

Hey all you shoppers, today is the day to add a pop of summer color to your look without breaking the bank! Wednesday, August 1 at 12pm is offering exclusive pricing on Exude Lipstick and Deborah Lippmann nail polish.

Exude Lipstick (usually priced at $29) will be sold at a fraction of the price, so take advantage while you can! Deborah Lippmann nail colors (normally $16-$20) will also be available at a reduced price today, the perfect combo to get glam from head to toe. The website will be offering Exude in 14 different colors and Deborah Lippmann in 10 colors.

To check out this exclusive sale, log on to today!

Finally, A Cure For The Case Of The Mondays
John Frieda's Precision Foam Hair Coloring System

One of the newest and latest hair coloring systems is John Frieda's Precision Foam Color System. With a very generous color selection, fast application, and its ability to bring out the amazing shine you thought you never had, going for this method is irresistible!

I was somewhat confused about this idea because we are all very used to going to the salon and spending a lot of money to get the right color. In addition, I never thought doing an at-home color would give the same salon effect --it was actually better!

The foam coloring kit provides thorough instructions on applying the color with ease. Along with the easy to-do instructions, the tools needed to obtain the perfect color is the "foam" producing bottle, high quality salon gloves, the color/glaze activator, and a conditioner that adds a nice finishing touch to your hair.

How To Throw a Royal Wedding Party on a Pauper’s Budget

With Kate and William's wedding mere days away, the office of Joonbug, like most offices in America, are buzzing with last-minute details, tidbits and gossip of wedding madness about to begin just over the pond.

What will she wear? What will they arrive in? Who is going? However, all these questions pale in size to the real question: what are you serving? If you are celebrating the momentous day, why not gain some initiative, slip on that sexy white dress and plan a mini-wedding spectacular of your own?

Here are three quick tips to dazzle your hungry crowd in royal style without breaking the bank.

The Best Damn Pizza in New York City

Super Nostalgic Slice: Did you know that Lombardi’s on Spring Street in Nolita was the very first pizza parlor in the US? It’s true; they opened in 1905! Ever since, they've had some of the world’s best pizza!

Gourmet Slice: Pizza, one usually thinks, is hard to swank up. Well, guess what? That guy has never tried the $1,000 pie at Nino's Bellissima Pizza. Yes, kids, that’s right! At eight slices and topped with crème fraiche, chives, eight ounces of four different kinds of Petrossian caviar, four ounces of very carefully sliced Maine lobster tail, and salmon roe-with a touch of Wasabi, this 12” pizza is a delectable thin crusted delight. (Save this one when you get your: Book deal, Christmas bonus or wining Lotto number!)

San Francisco Best Breakfast Burritos

Everyone should start his or her day off right with a hearty breakfast. Put down that tired bowl of cereal for a change and try something that will warm you from the inside out. Healthy breakfast burritos will fill you up and won’t slow you down. Here are two places in San Francisco where you can get your breakfast on the run.

Velo Rouge Café is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the beautiful Golden Gate Park. Velo Rouge offers breakfast every day until 4:30 p.m. There can be quite the line in the morning, but the wait is surely worth it. You can get their Leipheimer Breakfast Burrito, filled with two eggs scrambled, black beans, potatoes, cheddar cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream, with an option of adding bacon or sausage to the scramble. This hearty burrito only costs $6.95 and is served with chips and salsa.

Slimming Spring Super Staples

With the long winter finally coming to an end, you may be looking forward to getting back into short shorts and tank tops, but watch out: if you are like most Americans, you have gained an average of 5-7 pounds during the winter months. The last four months of hibernation, those days and nights of TV and comfort food have not gone unnoticed.

Fear not! Here are three fat burning foods that are cheap and easy to find. Add them to your spring menu now. For a recipe incorporating all of them, scroll below!

Sardines: Smelly yet delicious, this nutrient-rich food is sure to boost your weight loss blueprint. Every sardine contains minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that are amazing for your heart and aid in speeding up your metabolism and burning fat. There's also plenty of protein in sardines, which is known to increase metabolism and keep your body feeling fuller after meals. Because of the low price, sardines are making a comeback as a great weight loss food for dieters that are brave enough to eat them.

A Cheap & Tasty Deal

Money has never been tighter and we are always looking for new ways to pinch pennies and still eat great. If you have yet to experience the mouthwatering taste of a banh mi (aka Vietnamese sandwich), you are missing out on one great experience. Not only is the banh mi an excellent twist on the old sub sandwich, it won’t break the bank. Sandwiches range from $2.00-$4.50.

The bread of a banh mi is as important as the filling. Little Vietnam Café always delivers with it's crusty baguettes, full of flavor. Sandwiches are offered with chicken, pork or tofu. Each banh mi is filled with pickled vegetables and every bite leaves your mouth burning from the kick. All sandwiches cost $4.50. Want to pick up something besides a tasty sandwich? Try their vermicelli or Vegetarian Pho. 309 6th Avenue (at Clement St), San Francisco, CA 94118, (415) 876-0283.