Knives, Knives, Knives! Welcome To Korin!

Meet: the knife -- dangerous and intimidating, yet beautiful and stylish. Each one is unique in its own way, and it becomes not just a piece of equipment, but also a partner to work alongside of while creating fantastic dishes. Without a doubt, it is the most important tool that a chef, or respectable foodie, will use; therefore, choosing the right one is imperative.

Have you been to Korin, yet? If this well-respected shop has not met your eye, then now is the time to head over and see for yourself just what equipment chefs throughout Manhattan are using!

Hale & Hearty: Chef Series

Winter in New York can be really brutal, especially with that recent arctic blast that swept across the East Coast and left everyone freezing beneath layers of padded jackets and scarves. On top of that, snowstorm Hercules coated the city streets in heaps of snow, which quickly transformed into dirty brown slush and pools of freezing water. Yuck!

With crazy weather like that, we’re going to need good soups to nurse the cold. Look no further than one of New York’s favorite soup spots — Hale & Hearty! This is the second year that Hale & Hearty is launching its Chef Series, a program where several of the city’s most renowned chefs each create a special soup to be served for a limited time. The company donates 10% of its proceeds to charity.

The Delectable Dishes of David Burke

All NYCers know the famous chef David Burke, who climbed to notoriety with his slew of restaurants and Food Network appearances. The CIA graduate has a plethora of restos to choose from in New York City, so whether you're uptown or downtown, there's a place for you to stop and eat.

David Burke at Bloomingdales is the perfect spot for shoppers to plop down and relax amidst their bag-carrying day, whether it's at their 50-seater dine-in, or at Burke in the Box, the 35-seater casual side of the resto with an open kitchen.

Simon Cowell Taps into Foodie T.V.

Producers will stage regional rounds for contestants where they must prove that their recipe celebrates British food. However, there's a lot more to this competition. Winners will face a series of challenges involving their dish in the semi-final and final, and be judged by a panel of “experts."

Exclusive Q&A with Chef Seth Levine

After being a contestant on Fox's hit reality series Hell's Kitchen in 2007, Chef Seth Levine has been taking the culinary world by storm. Levine has steadily compiled an impressive résumé, which runs the gamut from taking the role as executive chef for both Georgica and Wine and Roses in New York, opening POP YOGURT- one of the hottest frozen yogurt shops in Manhattan, and becoming a contributing editor to the internationally-distributed FOOD Magazine.

Joonbug Judges at Beer Battle

Joonbug recently had the pleasure of judging another Cooking Combat at Kenmore Live Studio Friday night. This time the theme was beer, with Chef Chaz Andersson of District Bar and Chef Aaron Crumbaugh of the soon-to-be-launched Wagyu Wagon (look for him on the streets beginning in July) creating savory and sweet dishes flavored with various ales.

Chef Chaz started us off with delicately fried squash blossoms stuffed with Manchego cheese and Welsh rarebit, a heavy fondue-like sauce with cheddar and bacon bits, served with fried pretzel bread. Tasty bar food, but the beer flavors didn't really come through in the squash blossoms and the rarebit was almost too thick for dipping.

The Varli Food Festival is Approaching!

Looking for a great place for Indian food but don't know which place to try?

Why not all of them!

At The Varli Food Festival on April 7th, 35 Indian restaurants across NY are offering samples of their best dishes and desserts to all festival-goers. Restaurants include Tamarind, Devi, Junoon, Tulsi, Baluchi's and more.

Celebrate Indian food with cooking demonstrations by 13 Award-Winning Celebrity Chefs, a live cooking show , a documentary on Indian food, and even a picture with your favorite celebrity chef in the photobooth.

For Scrumptious and Modern Vietnamese Food, Head to Baotique

Chef Michael Bao Huynh’s extravagant and gorgeous new, “modern” Vietnamese Restaurant Baotique calls to mind an old world New York: a place where you can find delectably sophisticated takes on some old Asian favorites and be delighted by the atmosphere, service and ambiance of this perfectly calibrated, old school opulence. Bao calls his Baotique cuisine “a cleverly crafted re-creation of the civilized yet exotic world.” Joonbug agrees.

Where Food Is Art

At Graffit, artist and chef Jesus Núñez' clearly took this passion-driven dynamic duo to the next level at his new Upper West Side restaurant. Graffit spins old-world recipes into exciting and breathtaking new-world preparations, creatively expressed with dishes showcasing all of the aesthetic bang of edible masterpieces.

Combining his youthful history as a graffiti and fine artist along with his prior well-seasoned experience as a chef in Madrid, he magically combines urban design and street art with colorful creations that many diners have already deemed almost "too beautiful to eat"- and yet, they do.

Young, Talented and Running a Restaurant

At Saigon Sisters, Matt Eversman and John Boisse are proving that two young guys can run a successful restaurant. Although Eversman and Boisse are just 26 and 22, respectively, and neither has been to Vietnam, none of that matters when you taste their baby octopus or op la.

“You're constantly told that if you don't have experience, you can't do things,” Sous Chef John Boisse said.

Chatting with the two in the cozy but minimalist Saigon Sisters dining area, it's clear that both Boisse and Eversman are passionate and confident in their skills, but still humble and always learning. They're imaginative enough to experiment, while open to constructive criticism and committed to executing owner Mary Aregoni's vision.