Taking Back the Streets" Encourages You to Drink Up

Coffee in the mornings, liquor at night. but what about water? It's challenging to stay properly hydrated when pretty much every other beverage is more flavorfil than the essential H20. Drink Up is an initiative that's focused on getting more Americans to drink water because it's dang good for you, and a street art celebration is honoring just that notion.

WAT-AAH, a kid-focused water bottle brand, is hosting Taking Back the Streets, a special event where artists will debut pieces inspired by the iconic WAT-AAH screaming boy logo and Drink Up's water drop. The artwork will be a part of a year-long exhibit to visit Wallplay in New York City and other major cities like Washington D.C., Miami, and Los Angeles. After the showcasing, each piece will be transcribed onto limited edition bottle labels for WAT-AAH.