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Hale & Hearty: Chef Series

Winter in New York can be really brutal, especially with that recent arctic blast that swept across the East Coast and left everyone freezing beneath layers of padded jackets and scarves. On top of that, snowstorm Hercules coated the city streets in heaps of snow, which quickly transformed into dirty brown slush and pools of freezing water. Yuck!

With crazy weather like that, we’re going to need good soups to nurse the cold. Look no further than one of New York’s favorite soup spots — Hale & Hearty! This is the second year that Hale & Hearty is launching its Chef Series, a program where several of the city’s most renowned chefs each create a special soup to be served for a limited time. The company donates 10% of its proceeds to charity.

Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli in the Running for Hottest Chef of 2013

Things seem to be going well for Miami’s own, Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli. After having beaten his opponents on an episode of Food Network’s Chopped, he introduced Miami to the concept of the pop up restaurant, which quickly garnered him accolades from the foodie world for his innovative approach to cuisine. His youthful playfulness has brought us such dishes as heirloom tomatoes with nuoc cham, crushed peanuts and liquid nitrogen-frozen coconut milk that, while simple, show a complexity and balance of flavors and textures. And now that his pop up restaurant, Eating House, has become a permanent fixture, Chef Rapicavoli is in the running for being chosen Hottest Chef of 2013 by

Hero Food: A New Cookbook by Seamus Mullen

Yesterday, award winning chef Seamus Mullen of Tertulia released his first cookbook, Hero Food: How Cooking with Delicious Things Can Make Us Feel Better. The book demonstrates how to turn key ingredients into delicious dishes.

Seamus was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago and has since discovered that basing his cooking on 18 key ingredient has vastly improved his quality of life. In his cookbook, he demonstrates how to prepare over 80 recipes featuring his 18 hero ingredients. What are these mysterious ingredients? Olive oil, dried beans, almonds, grains, anchovies, good eggs, good birds, sweet peas, parsley, berries, carrots, corn, stone fruit, good fish, squash, mushrooms, greens, and good meat.

BBC America's 'No Kitchen Required' Cook-off Competition

This afternoon, the intersection of Broadway and 5th Avenue at 23rd Street held a cooking competition based off the creators of Chopped and BBC America’s, new travel-adventure-cooking series, No Kitchen Required. The chef’s and stars of the show, Michelin-starred New York restaurateur Michael Psilakis, first-ever Chopped Grand Champion Madison Cowan and elite personal chef from New Zealand, Kayne Raymond competed in preparing dishes using New York City ingredients. Similar to the show, the three chefs used these native ingredients—squirrel, pigeon, hare, and crow—to create dishes that were then judged by New York natives. The judges for the competition were David Diehl, two-time Super Bowl champion and offensive lineman for the New York Giants, co-founder of the most popular food app “Foodspotting,” Soraya Darabi, and In Style Magazine’s Hal Rubenstein who had no idea what these “unique” ingredients would be.

Beehive’s Chef Rebecca Newell on Chopped

Many know the Beehive with its Bohemian bistro cuisine, libations, artwork, and live music nightly. This is where Chef Rebecca Newell serves rustic comfort foods infused with American, European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern influences seven days a week from 5:30pm -1:00 a.m.

Now see Boston’s hometown girl, Rebecca Newell, fight it out with three other talented women Chefs all setting out to be the The Food Network’s Chopped Champion. When asked to tell what it was like to film the episode Rebecca, who admitted to being a little nervous, said, “The whole thing made me itchy.” She did find the experience “great” and “intense.”

Tune into The Food Network on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 10 p.m. for “Chopped” and cheer on Rebecca.

1834 - The Financial District's Latest and Greatest Sports Bar

Last night, 1834 Bar & Burger held their grand opening on 62 Pearl Street in the Financial District, the former home of the French bar and restaurant Perle. Boasting four TV screens in the upstairs dining area and 15 monitors in the downstairs lounge, it is absolutely possible to get a glimpse of MLB Spring Training highlights, catch a hockey game, stay updated on March Madness games and brackets, keep tabs on the NBA, and get a little rowdy watching some futbol all at the same time (Isn't March a great month for sports lovers?). While there, choose from a tasty array of burgers on the menu, prepared by celebrity chef Diane Dimeo, a winner of the Food Network's weekly food competition Chopped. Also be sure to take advantage of 1834's truly outrageous March Madness deal of a burger and a beer for only $5 after 5 p.m. until April 1.

Sloppy Seconds

SoHo’s trendy eatery, Delicatessen, faces scrutiny as Executive Chef Michael Ferraro moves towards the final round of the Food Network's Chopped -- well barely. Judges Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy, and Scott Conant gave Ferraro the most brutal condemnation on the last episode because of his improper handling of food.

New York Magazine reported Conant accused Chef Ferraro of not knowing how to use calamari and scolded, “You have a responsibility to serve edible product to the people you’re cooking for.”