Fashion Week Problems? Kmart to the Rescue!

Gearing up for the biggest fashion event this year can be tres stressful. Regardless of how you’re participating—jetting to shows around the city, snapping street style at Lincoln Center, or tirelessly perfecting models backstage—preparing for Fashion Week is no easy task. Cell phone charger, check. Band-aids, check. Tide pen, it’s all here; off you go! You’re rushing down Columbus Avenue, dodging uneven pavement and the less fashionable, when—suddenly you realize your previously flawless opaque tights have an unsightly run; a blemish in your perfectly styled look. Enter Kmart Concierge. Yes, Kmart is going to solve your fashion-induced crisis.

The Multi-Talented DJ Chrissie Miller

It’s a rare commodity to find a hot female DJ like you. How many numbers do you get a night?

HA! Well, I have a boyfriend so no phone numbers for me, more like people requesting Katy Perry or Britney Spears.

What are some of your big musical and fashion influences?

The music I listen to at home is very different to what I pay when I DJ, it took me a while to realize that you are there to make people have fun, not to impress them with all the "cool" music you listen to. Right now I am really into Hip-Hop, I am not too excited about new rock bands these days.
Fashion wise I am influenced my the people around me, my friends. I love seeing what excites them.

What drew you to DJing?

Money! Just kidding. I have always been a dj of sorts, I have a huge collection of music that started with records (yes I am that old) and because of the computer it makes it so much fun/ easier to have your whole collection at your finger tips. I get a rush out of making people dance.

What are some of your favorite venues to spin?

Anywhere my friends are willing to go! Events are the most fun because it's a new experience every time. A new challenge to make people happy.

What’s you favorite/least favorite tune?

I am really into the soundtrack to the movie "Drive," there is some amazing new music on there. People love when I play it.

My LEAST favorite is a song called "Hello" By Martin Solveig. It makes me crazy when djs play it!

Fourth of July Weekend in the Hamptons

This weekend in the Hamptons is going to be the biggest of the summer. If you haven't made plans to get out there, you better get on it. We hear the last Jitney leaves at 5:30pm on Friday! There will be parties, fireworks, cake and plenty of dancing to celebrate America's birthday (and the biggest national holiday!). So get your flip flops, trunks, (livers) and bikinis ready for the biggest celebration of the season!

When: 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Where: 1181 North Sea Road Southhampton, NY

People's Revolution Hosts Aura Launch

Motorola launched its new phone, the Aura, last night at a fancy sit-down dinner party located at the SoHo Grand. The party was presented by People’s Revolution with Kelly Cutrone serving up the phones on trays to guests. Guests included Charlotte Ronson, Peaches Geldoff, Chrissie Miller, Mick Rock, Dani Stahl, Neel Shah and many more of New York’s finest.