As If!

Don't be completley Clueless and get ahead of the trend.

Remember when Jill Stuart had this iconic outfit in that 90's movie "Clueless"?

Most of us are old enough to remember when everyone else got their Delias catalogue. Ours was totally late every time, but when it arrived we fawned over faux designer handbags (for our smackers lip balm) and tiny J Crew replica preppy plaid sets. Most of our plaid miniskirts never passed the fingertip test and we still believed in this notion that technology was going to create Cher's closet for us when we were older...

Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired Fashions
An Inside View of Debbie Matenopoulos

DP: How did you first start in the Entertainment Industry?

DM: I first started in the entertainment industry by interning at MTV when I was 17 years old. I was going to NYU and simultaneously interning there. I eventually got hired as a production assistant and then a story coordinator/ associate producer. While I was still at NYU and working at MTV, a casting agent I met at a party one night asked me if I would come in and audition for a new show that Barbara Walters was producing. I went in and auditioned against 700 other girls and eventually was chosen as the "young one" on the show. I was only 21 years old and the youngest person ever in the history of daytime television to hold a permanent co-host position.

Louboutin's 'Glass Slippers' Revealed

It’s finally here! Remember in May when we dropped the foot fetish-worthy news that Christian Louboutin had a pair of modern day Cinderella slippers in the making? Well hold on to your pumpkins—the “glass slippers” have been revealed! We speculated on the materials of the shoes, (Crystals? Diamonds? Magic stardust?) and even with our extravagantly high hopes, the real life slippers have succeeded our expectations.

Louboutin's Record Breaking Red Soles

Christian Louboutin has been giving fashionistas something to talk about for over two decades. This year, he celebrates his 20th anniversary with much more than candle-laden cake or fine china. His 20th anniversary capsule collection (feted with a visit to NYC’s Bergdorf Goodman) and self-titled book offering an inside look into the world of Louboutin debuted earlier this year. But that’s not all. Most excitingly—and buzz worthy—has been London’s Design Museum retrospective of the designer’s past twenty years.

5 Not-So-Basic Essentials for Summer

Summer is a great time to show off your one-of-a-kind style and purchase a few essentials for your wardrobe. We all have the plain white T, pair of ray-bans, cut-off shorts, beach bag and pair of loafers hiding somewhere in our closets, but this summer, its time to liven up those pieces up! Take a look at these trendy new ways to freshen up the basic pieces and help make a statement with your summer wardrobe.

The Not-So-Plain White T

Everyone has a basic white t-shirt, whether it's a plain V-neck or a scoop; it’s an essential piece in every woman's closet. Instead of grabbing for the simple white T, go for a cool neckline or an asymmetrical hem! We love the look of this White T by Diane Von Furstenberg as it takes a new, chic look to the stable wardrobe piece with its wide neck, thick, asymmetrical hem, and oversized sleeves.

All Things Ombre: Our Favorite Must-Haves for Summer

The ombre look has been showing up everywhere since it made its big boom in the hair industry a couple years back. Since then designers have been popping out new products from accessories, to clothing, to shoes and handbags, showing that fantastic color fade. We love the ombre look for summer and we’ve made a great list of ombre must-haves for this season! If you really want to go all out ombre, and haven’t seen our DIY ombre nails piece yet, check that out too! This summer is going to be all things ombre, so get on it!

Haute off the Press: Christian Louboutin Beauté

For years, and years we have connected the brand Christian Louboutin to sky-high stilettos. They're so conspicuous we can spot their bright red soles from miles away! The who’s who of the fashion elite and those who could only dream of wearing a pair watch in admiration as they saunter by. Needless to say, the Paris-based fashion designer has taken the shoe and handbag world by storm, so what’s next on his list? Louboutin has decided to embark on a new venture into the beauty industry where he will be partnering up with New York-based Batallure Beauty LLC.

Louboutin to Debut Cinderella-Inspired Glass Slippers

It’s safe to say that at some point or another—could have been years ago, for us it was yesterday—all of us fashionistas have dreamed about being a princess. Thanks to Disney, our fairytale fantasies have taken every form from Parisian (provincial) princess to sweet sleeping beauty. All of which involve a gorgeous gown and a handsome prince, of course. It seems the collaboration of Disney princesses and fairytale fashion would result in endless inspiration and complete success. In a moment of genius design inspiration and carefully calculated timing—we’re about to find out.

Dare to Wear: Extreme Men's Trends

Heeled Boots

For those of you unfamiliar with the genius of Rick Owens, allow us to introduce you. This American born but Paris based designer is worshiped by the fashion elite for his innovative, edgy, slightly Goth aesthetic. For Spring 2012, Rick introduced his 100mm Mohawk Wedge Boot for men, his first heeled boot for men. (For those of you too lazy to Google it, 100mm translate to just under 4 inches.) Although visionary, Rick Owens was not the first to introduce the heeled boot trend. Jeffrey Campbell, the beloved footwear brand, had its Areas men’s boot with its 2.5-inch heel. Other designers who have embraced the heeled boot trend are Gareth Pugh and Alain Quilici.