OK, OK: An Interview with Julius C

The thing about classic rock is that it is inherently 'classic'. Julius C takes the classic parts, rocking hard, sweet guitar licks and belting vocals and adds nuevo indie spin with pop keys, gorilla suits and extra volume. Jay Stolar spoke with Joonbug to discuss how the band has built an adoring local following and what his band’s music means to him. They are scheduled to rock the Rockwood stage 2 on Friday December 10th at 11:00 p.m. In the mean time you can get to know the band by checking out their video or visiting their website.

Joonbug: What does it feel like to be on stage?

Featured Artist Profile: The Dirty Pearls

The Dirty Pearls
Genre: Rock

“Leave your heart at the door; you’ll never get it back.” – Tommy London (lead vocals)

Hailing from the streets of New York City, the five-piece power house known as The Dirty Pearls are quite possibly one of the greatest sounds of rock n’ roll to induce the East Village since The Ramones. Formed by lead singer Tommy London in 2007, the group consists of unparalleled talents Johnny B. and Richie White on guitars, Dougie Wright on bass, and the infamous Marty E. on drums. These guys may have only been together for a little over a year, but their fan base is beyond impressive – and it doesn’t end there. To say that they put on a great live show is an understatement, as they play shows throughout Manhattan frequently they seem to only get better with each and every one. They are known to pack in a large crowd; in fact their crowds are so large they’ve sold out every one of their live shows, one would think they’ve been around for years. They epitomize the ultimate rock n’ roll band, with telling lyrics about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, they’ll have you yearning for more. Their combination of classic rock riffs, high energy performances, and a sense of style that has sex written all over it; The Dirty Pearls appeal to all of the human senses. If you have not yet experienced these guys live, you really are missing out. So get to know The Dirty Pearls and find out what New York City and Rock n’ Roll music are really all about.

The Dirty Pearls Volume 1 (2007)
The Dirty Pearls Volume 2 (2008)